Input and output devices

Input and output devices


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Input Devices

Known as input devices in the computer (Input devices) that it is those parts that allow the user to interact with the computer through the introduction of various information through the device; Real-time audio or video or even picture, [1] While some examples come on different types of input devices for your computer:

  • Keyboard: (keyboard), which is a device through which the text and the characters enter through your computer, and is considered one of the important and key parts of the computer, and contains the keyboard on letters and special characters and keys-specific tasks Kaltgm numbers in the volume. [2]
  • Mouse: (Mouse), which is about one type of input devices in the computer, it is through a mouse called the cursor name is dealing with windows, files, and any items that are present across the device's screen. [3]
  • Microphone: It is an input device via the computer, the receiving audio from the user and send it to your computer. [4]

Output devices

Known as input devices in computers as devices are present through the computer, you eject and display data for devices, and there are many examples of this type of device, and comes with some of them: [4]

  • Screen: The screen (Monitor) to receive information from the computer and displayed to the user in the form can be understood Kalnsos or pictures, the screen can not receive any information from the user it is a display device and output only.
  • Monitor: (English: Projector), works in a way of working is very similar to the way the screen work, but it displays the information and data through a particular surface, for example, Kaljaddar.
  • Earphones: (Speakers), which are those devices that receive audio from the computer, and then take it out for the user to hear through it.

Input and output devices together

There are some types of devices that can play the role of input devices and output together, and examples of this type of device is the optical drive device (DVD-RW) that can receive data from the computer, and then copy them to the adjustable disk and write it, and is the flash drive USB one other example of devices that can be input devices and output together. [4]


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