Information security elements

Information security elements

Information Security

Is a set of measures and procedures and means to be taken in order to protect internal information and external intrusion, leakage, or the arrival of unauthorized persons access to it.

Human interest since antiquity to the protection of information obtained on the subject of what, at the beginning of the codification of information was the leaves are used, then used solid and compact discs, and now with the evolution of technology could man to reach many ways to write down what he needs, but also reflected this development in another on this information became easy to penetrate as a result of Alodzh link together and servers on the internet.

Some may flout the importance of information owned and does not know that they have equal treasures when some persons or bodies, so must each institution to sensitize its staff the importance of information security for public safety.

Information security elements

  • Confidentiality means not to allow people who are not entitled to access to information.
  • Perpetuate the work of the service: it is the information security elements is to maintain the validity of the information to maintain the continuation of which are available from the service, and the continuity of the ability to access those who empowers him so.
  • Maintain the health of existing information and make sure not tampered with or modified or changed at any stage of processing and use.
  • Good observation: where the capacity is available to know each person arrived and information held on them, and thus to control things, even if the person denied this.

How to check information security

Institutions tended to search who can apply the security policy because of its information because of its importance and the gravity of the possession of some people have, so many people tended to specialize in the field of information security, and can be summarized information security standards by:

  • Access Control: This is the point is the first measure to achieve security it is through the control including up to the information we protect from penetration, this may be information found inside cabinets or special rooms or computers, devices or even on the Internet, it is by setting passwords special entry steps and other applications that use at this stage ensure that no breakthrough information.
  • Validity Proof: After a person can overcome the first stage must submit to the stage to prove the validity through the information given to him in particular, in order to facilitate the launch process information, and gives each person the powers are different from the others and this ensures maintaining the full information of the process of penetration, if we gave All the same powers entering all the information, the process of penetration will be easier and will be a potential loss of information more.
  • Audit: Even after the completion of the stage of proving the validity must be subject to the person to the stage of the audit.


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