Increase vitamin B 12

Increase vitamin B 12


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Vitamin B-12

Belongs to vitamin B-12 to a group of vitamin B complex, known scientifically as Alkoppelamin, and the vitamin plays an important role in the organization and revitalization of the work of the nervous system, also contributes to the formation of blood, the body nearly 5 ug vitamin needs 12 on a daily basis, and the body can get daily it needs by eating foods that contain food, and the most important of the liver, red meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and legumes. [1]

Increase vitamin B 12

There are vitamins and other nutrients in the body specific rates, and any increase or decrease on these rates will lead to body injury disease or symptoms of a specific course for the type of vitamin or food ingredient, and the increase in the vitamin B 12 could get because of the overdose of this vitamin in the form of nutritional supplements, and it is linked to the injury of some health problems, namely: [2]

  • Acne, rashes and itching: This is due to the vitamin B-12 to attack the type of beneficial bacteria that grow on the surface of the skin which are called bacteria Propionibacterium, and the absence of these bacteria easily attack the fungus and the proliferation of harmful bacteria on the skin.
  • Physical weakness General: accompanied by fatigue and fatigue extreme, with no blurred vision, numbness in the extremities, and the dispersion of attention, low concentration rate, and inflammation of the tongue, weak hair and hair loss.
  • Liver damage: Vitamin B-12 vitamins that dissolve in the water, where the body to expel excess of them from the body with urine, also works on the storage part of the liver, and any increase in the rate of vitamin B 12 stored there for normal rates will lead to liver damage making it unable to carry out its functions.
  • Sleep problems: insomnia is accompanied by an increase caused by vitamin B12 in the body yolk clear in the eyes and pale body color, feeling dizzy permanently.
  • Problems in the process of digestion can increase vitamin B12 can cause indigestion and slow digestion, in addition to bladder infections, diarrhea, constipation, anemia, sexual weakness.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Can body lack of vitamin infected 12 despite having received all the resources of food that they contain, and is due to the inability of the body's ability to absorb enough of it, especially if the body contains high levels of potassium, which can hinder the body's absorption of this vitamin. The vitamin B12 deficiency can cause muscle weakness and mental disorders and weakened immune, anemia, neuropathy, and the growth of excess hair on the face. [3]


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