Increase muscle strength

Increase muscle strength


  • 1 muscle strength
  • 2 ways to increase muscle strength 2.1 eating foods increase muscle strength 2.2 practice exercises bodybuilding
  • 2.1 eating foods increase muscle strength
  • 2.2 practice exercises bodybuilding
  • 3 reasons for the weakness of muscle strength

Muscle power

Muscle strength in the human body is the power that lies in the muscular system, which is directly responsible for body movement and activity and the health of the body, where some people suffering from obvious weakness in this force, especially in the early and advanced stages of their lives, which calls for the need to find treatment appropriate for this problem, depending on its causes, the following we highlight the most prominent factors that lead to the weakness of the body intramuscularly, and the most prominent ways to increase this force.

Ways to increase muscle strength

Eat foods increase muscle strength

There are many foods that increase muscle strength, including:

  • Sun sunflower seeds that contain a very high percentage of proteins necessary to build muscle, where it can be added to different foods or ingested directly as a snack, or as one of Muslaat.
  • Some types of seafood, such as mackerel, or the thickness of the Atlantic Ocean with a small size, which has a very high proportion of fatty acids and protein, which makes it mainly for muscle growth and strengthened.
  • Some types of fruits, especially pineapple which enhances this purpose; Because it contains vital food vehicles, so it is recommended after capturing the practice of various sports exercises.
  • olive oil; To fit on key nutrients.
  • Green vegetables, such as broccoli, being a rich source of fiber, complex elements, and also contains a high percentage of essential vitamins.
  • Milk and dairy products, especially milk full-fat.
  • Eggs, being rich in fatty acids, especially omega-3, and proteins.
  • Coffee, where the ability to strengthen endurance, relieve muscle pain, and provide the body with large energy needed to perform the exercises.

The practice of bodybuilding exercises

Bodybuilding exercises accelerate the process of growth and the emergence of muscle significantly and in record time, it is to lift heavy weights, as well as exercises stabs, clouds, and these exercises:

  • The exercises Plyometrics, which is to squat posture, jump using dumbbells, helping to exploit the stored energy that stimulates the stiffness of muscles and tendons.
  • Strength exercises for all muscles, and that recur at a rate of five times a week during the three training groups.
  • Jogging exercises in place quickly and strength.
  • Exercises that increase the density depends on the size of gravity, so repeating the rate of five to ten times, which increases the ability to control.
  • Squat exercises, where rehabilitate all muscles of the body.
  • Stretching exercises, which increase flexibility and supple muscles, and thus reduce the risk of injury.

The reasons for the weakness of muscle strength

  • Neurological disorders that result from problems in the nervous system in the body, being plays a role in muscle nutrition.
  • Problems in the muscle fibers, and particularly affects children, and increase the severity of the elderly, where the damage starts in the voluntary muscles to move to the involuntary muscles.
  • Problems and birth defects in the muscle composition.


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