Ideas for receiving newborn

Ideas for receiving newborn


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  • 2 ideas to decorate the new baby room
  • 3 Gift Ideas for your newborn
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Ideas ready to receive a new born

The advent of new children to life is a miracle and the event continues, it may be a child next born of the first family, second or third, and he came accompanied by some anxiety and confusion that can be avoided by preparing in advance for the event, so the following are some ideas that reduce the awe of the subject and help reception the child is fully prepared: [1]

  • Participate in workshops and courses are talking about with regard to the new baby of care, and shower, and feeding, swaddling and many others.
  • Processing new baby room, coating, and the processing of a place to sleep and where to place widgets, where the purchase of basic needs, such as buying a bed, and the Treasury and all necessary diapers and milk bottles, baby chair and many others.
  • Secondary buy things like games, audio devices, video and others.
  • The house is equipped with child safety such as closing plugs, locks cabinets, drawers and others.
  • Mobilize the baby bag and processed to go to the hospital at any time.

Ideas to decorate the new baby room

Is the new baby a new room as a home for him, since his birth and exit to the world, so care must be taken in their design, and decorated to create a cozy atmosphere and quiet, and the following are some tips that will help in that: [2]

  • Focus on an idea or a single theme for a child's room.
  • Choose textiles such as curtains and Sharshaf before choosing a paint color.
  • Choose the furniture that will be placed beside the bed, for example, a closet, or a game large size.
  • Choose the ceiling decoration; Because the child spends the first period lying on his back.
  • Put some plants.
  • Use blackout curtains to create a comfortable atmosphere in the sleep.
  • Use Massaabie side lighting and stay away from harsh lighting.

Gift Ideas for the newborn

Of ideas that can give as gifts for the newborn include: [3]

  • Car colorful rubber Boukrzac child can bite.
  • Game with a small mirror.
  • Game cloth small.
  • Educational book multiple colors and songs.
  • A set of colored rings.


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