How you can make money from the Internet

How you can make money from the Internet


  • 1 Writing on the Special Account
  • 2 Create Blog
  • 3 sales as a subsidiary
  • 4 Application Development
  • 5 References

Writing on the Special Account

This method is one of the most common form ways to get money online, for wishing to work in this area to be interested in writing; Since they generate a lot of money if given the time and effort required, and to start this step, no more person needs to have a presence on the Internet, as the account (in English: LinkedIn) enough to start this, then be searched for writing for her company. [1 ]

Create Blog

Preferably create personal blogs on the Internet for people interested in specific areas, because they help them to make money by displaying ads which, where material profit increases originator with increased viewing ads across these blogs; Once you have a large number of observers, it could turn the owners of these ads to communicate directly with the owner of the Code; To access the number of those observers. [2]

As a subsidiary sale

It can be applied to the idea of ​​selling as a subsidiary through the following steps: [3]

  • Create a site for online marketing, or a blog, or a page on social sites, or one of the other means.
  • Choose a specialized line of products that will be sold, taking into account the follow-up to what is more colloquial, and interest in the presence of customers for those products.
  • Promotion of products by offering good content marketing.
  • No need to worry about shipping topic or customer service; Where it is in this case as an intermediary between the parent company and customers; When the purchase is routed through the customer's main link to the product necessary to complete the transaction, and therefore the broker gets a commission for every complete the sale process.

Application Development

Help this idea to get money through software and applications design, and marketing people to reap the desired profit, and is not necessarily a person programmer, but can employ to apply the idea of ​​him for a sum of money, depending on the complexity or simplicity of the idea of ​​the application, showing the importance of application development due to the widespread use of smart devices, and the constant search for programs and applications that meet the needs of the people, as the person can increase his profit by making its application capable of running on the Android system and iPhone devices. [3]


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