How wind power turned into electrical energy

How wind power turned into electrical energy


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Wind is a source of renewable energy sources that are not inexhaustible, and that man was baptized into tools and means to utilize the manufacture of wind power and the most important of which convert wind energy into electrical energy, and depend on the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy using huge generators finned giant, and used wind power in ancient several forms, including the use of the conduct of a sailboat, used in the era of technology, our time to move fins turbines to produce energy. [1]

How wind power turns into electrical energy

Used turbines to take advantage of wind power, and turn it into electrical energy, some of which is a small size, called the turbine short wind, is used to charge the battery or lamp lighting, some of which is large, so-called high wind turbine is used to produce massive electrical energy, and can field of energy to be used in the operation of factories or necessary for energy-saving lighting entire city. [2]

The working principle of turbine

There are several types of turbines, including what looked like a ship's sail, including Kkhvaqh ​​eggs, the most widespread and most capable power generation is in the form of a giant fan reaches a height above the ground for 110 meters, and consists primarily of Zaanaftin or three, which has a length of one of which about ten meters, the private electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical, maintenance station and energy storage, in addition to the system of protection and safety, and the estimated production of this turbine energy is about 500-1300 MW, the greater the size of the turbine increased energy volume produced. When blowing wind or air breezes, Tstadm finned turbine Vtaathrk, and the rotation of the fins turbine spins the engine related thereto, a generator so the amount of electric power commensurate with the wind speed and strength, and there are devices to measure wind speed and direction, the electric motor shall move the fins maximum benefit from the wind by direction, and energy is saved Alcirbeiah resulting in the batteries, although it and the stronger wind generated electric power larger, but the turbine contains a brake, the control of the movement of the fin in the wind intensified dramatically, completely stopped in the storms. There are turbines similar to wind turbines but rely on hydropower, are fed at the waterfalls and rivers, and was in the old-shaped wheels, the first form of the turbine, used to transport the water, and grinding grain, and the era of olive, was used by the Greeks BC about a hundred years, the fans wind was her first appearance in Persia in the seventh century. [3]


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