How web site design

How web site design


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Steps website design

The existence of the website of the work of the private commercial presence is expected to most customers on the Internet, whether the goal of this site is: selling products online, or to provide information and contact details of the commercial place; The existence of a website is essential, so the following steps illustrate how to design a website: [1]

  • Domain Name Registration: must reflect the domain name products, or services provided, so customers can easily find it through a search engine, preferably this name is the business submitted name, and finds mentioning that it is being used this area to create an e-mail address mail name private commercial activity, and domain name registration must be found on the accredited registrar and payment of fees.
  • Find a host company site: requires a domain name on the Internet, find a host company website; Where most of the providers offer Internet service key web hosting services, and can also provide the user with multiple email addresses, and it is worth mentioning that the monthly fees for hosting the construction vary on the size of the Web site, and the number of visits obtained.
  • Prepare content Active: When content should prepare to take some points into consideration; Can affairs were clients seen across the site and do, which helps to know the sections or pages to be included in it, as you must know what information or transactions that customers want; To make sure that the site is structured easy to find things that customers need to therein and their implementation, and to ensure the quality of the site would prefer the appointment of a specialist to write its content and organization, also it helps the good design of the site and its ease of use for its excellence, the existence of content and images suitable and appropriate help customers understand the products, and services, and makes them feel comfortable.
  • Building Web site: You can build a Web site individually, or for a professional Web by developer helps create a website quickly, and provide guidance on the successful web design, you should also update the site, and make sure maintenance has consistently, as well as to ensure appropriate design for easy use on smart phones and other mobile devices.

Definition of Website

Known website or the website that it is a collection of web pages linked, available to the public, and that share one domain name and form all websites combined the World Wide Web, and can create electronic and maintenance sites by an individual, group, or organization, to serve a variety of purposes; Such as sites of educational and news sites, forums, and social networking sites, and e-commerce sites, and so forth. [2]

The importance of the website

The Web site, for example, owning a company is critical; Where the research found that six out of every ten customers expect to be trademarks content on the Internet about their business, and that is the importance of the following: [3]

  • Permanent online presence helps the presence of a web site customers find business anytime, anywhere, even outside working hours; Where it can be through the Web site to find new customers and their insurance, stay in constant contact with them.
  • Exchange of information: Provides a web site quick and easy way to share information between the buyer and the seller, by providing information about working hours, contact information, and show pictures of the location of the place, or products, and the use of contact forms to facilitate customer inquiries and potential, or feedback from the existing customers.
  • Credibility: expect from the company with a good reputation to enjoy some sort of online presence; They may not trust that potential customers in any business does not have a phone number, or a physical address, and the same thing can be said for not having a Web site and an email address.
  • Cut costs: Web site for the sale of goods and services directly to consumers can use, which in some cases lead to not having to create and use stores that require significant operating costs; Staff wages, and rental, public utilities, and thus may allow the disposal of these expenses to reduce prices, which gives the work a real competitive advantage.
  • Consumer views: allows analytical tools to determine the usual customer's identity, and how to find it, and what customers like, air services with their desires to increase purchases through the site, as can a variety of data set available to help understand the impact of networking sites and social on the brand.


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