How to Wash chicken

How to Wash chicken

Methods of washing chicken

Chicken is considered one of the most fortunate kinds of meat on the Arab tables; Due to its low price, and the thrill of taste and ease of preparation in several different ways, which are grainy Valusvat family members, containing chicken in the majority of it.

Because chickens are exposed to the stages of slaughter and packaging and others it must have polluted to different degrees, wash the chicken more than once, and more than one way, it often eliminates the bacteria that really found.

Hot salt water:

After the chicken cleaned with cold water, and get rid of excess skin and feathers, heated water, then sprinkle with the salt, and soak the chicken for an hour, this is the way we get rid of conjoined blood within the body in the chicken, and the function of salt remove dark spots in the chicken, and help speed clean.

Wash chicken thoroughly with water more than once, and cleans the appendages, and then rubbed into the lemon, leaving it for a simple to get rid of Alzfarh, then she lifted from the lemon, and wash again.

  • Chicken should wash thoroughly with water, then add the lemon with tomato cut to small pieces.
  • Wringing the chicken in the mixture, its smell becomes Zakia, and leaves even pervade the mixture, and then Ngzle well with water again, and be ready for cooking.
  • Is one of the most popular ways to clean up the chicken, Vadakkiq works to remove all blood rotten conjoined body internal chicken.
  • Save us from Alzfarh resulting from blood and feathers smell, and when you rub the chicken with it save us from the small feathers, preferably wash with flour more than once, this is the most effective way to clean up the chicken, wash it well.
  • Wash the chicken well in water; So get rid of feathers and blood, and then add the vinegar and mint.
  • Wringing the chicken inside and out where, then Nnqaha in the mix for a period of not less than half an hour, and then Nctef chicken with water once again, we noticed a smell of Svarh, the ball again Return the.

Cardamom can be added to the chicken while washing, Valhal works to eliminate odors and germs spread while cleaning the chicken, after a good wash with water, add to the mixture of cardamom, lemon, and a little bit of oil, and leave, and the efficacy Stlahzi this way.

Common errors in cooked chicken

Wrong practices may lead to serious diseases.

  • Wash the pot, which was saved raw meat in it before using it again.
  • Avoid frozen meat on the table setting, with exposed surfaces more places are considered vulnerable to the pool of bacteria.
  • Avoid washing meat or poultry before freezing, because fresh meat contains a good amount of water, it will lead to the water freezes on the meat.
  • Not to leave the meat for a long time outside of the refrigerator, so do not spoil and lead to poisoning.


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