How to use the white musk

How to use the white musk


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  • 1.1 Benefits of white musk
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  • 1.3 white musk in the Sunnah
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White musk

Called white musk caught the name of conquest, which is one of the most exquisite and finest perfumes, where he used to perfume the body and clothing, and can also use it to perfume houses, and in this article, we'll show you how to use the white musk.

Benefits of white musk

There are many medical benefits that we get from after the use of white musk, namely:

  • Eliminate bacteria or fungi that may be present in sensitive areas, which would eliminate the secretions annoying and bad smell from the vagina.
  • Protect women from uterine cancer.
  • Treatment of toxins resulting from the bites of snakes or harmful insects.
  • Cleanse the wounds, treats infections in the body, and thus it eliminates itching.
  • Increases fertility and helps to reproduce.
  • Associated with the treatment of eye problems, which might be Basfrar white, or dehydration, Atakitha of impurities or dirt in it.
  • Strengthen the heart, and strikes.
  • Treatment of digestive system disorders, especially annoying gases.
  • Treat colds and nasal congestion.

How to use the white musk

There are many ways to use white musk, namely:

  • Preferably white musk is used on the body after bathing with hot water, so be open to the pores of the body to receive musk.
  • After the completion of the shower, the body is well dry, and gently to avoid scratching or irritation.
  • The use of white musk through sprayed on the body, the perfuming.
  • A set of tips that will lead to long-term sense of the smell of musk, which is by putting some points of white musk, pulse on areas of the body, which include both: wrist, the soles of the elbows, in addition to the elbow.
  • And preferably musk scented points are also placed on the internal pieces of clothing.
  • Of granulated white musk places put on, it is the neck and back area of ​​the ear, and can be placed behind the ear and neck.
  • It is also possible to use white musk-shaped sprayer Kattr and sprayed on the body in general.

White musk in the Sunnah

The use of white musk by the ladies of the year, as narrated from the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that his wife Aisha asked him about the origins of purification after menstruation, Vojabha peace be upon him, using white musk, and there are three uses him after menstruation, namely:

  • Put a little white musk on the towel, in the last day of the menstrual cycle.
  • Scan sensitive areas in the body, the musk of cotton.
  • The use of white musk Kmazil sweat.

It is worth mentioning that it is possible that the temper of musk, by adding a little rose water, and then use it.

Video for musk

From an animal gland to perfume, watch the video to find out more about this precious article:


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