How to use the Indian premium for slimming

How to use the Indian premium for slimming


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Indian installment

Belongs plant Indian premium (in English: Costus) to platoon astrocytes (in English: Asteraceae), and has the scientific name Saussurea costus, which is one of the plants that use its roots and oil extracted them in traditional medicine in many countries such as India and China. [1] [2]

Is the premium Indian useful for slimming

May contribute to plant the premium Indian in reducing be fat cells, relieve obesity and reduce the risk of injury, and according to one of the preliminary studies carried out on mice and published in the Journal of Korean Journal of Medicinal Crop Science 2010, [3] However, this interest is still need for further studies to prove, it is worth mentioning that there is no single substance or magic solution to reduce weight; Since the weight loss process you need to follow a specific healthy calorie diet and increased physical activity. [4]

To find out the health benefits of the Indian premium can read an article What are the benefits of the Indian premium.

How to use the Indian premium for slimming

Studies do not exist indicate that there is a specific way to use the premium Indian in order to reduce weight, and that there are no guidelines or recommendations appropriate for his use, and generally available plant Indian premium in the market is usually dry, such as powder, capsules full and roots dried, form as it can use this plant by mixing specific quantities of water or juice, as it should be noted that it can be used as the roots of this plant to make tea. [5]

Indian damage installment

Degree of safety

Potentially eating the roots of a plant safety premium Indian medicine and moderate quantities, but some types of premium Rocío may be contaminated with a compound called Aristolochic acids, a compound that is harmful to lead to kidney damage and may cause cancer; The Indian premium products that contain this compound is safe, [6] It should be noted that there is not enough information about the safety of eating Indian premium for pregnant and lactating women, so prefer to avoid its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. [7]

Warning Use

  • Sensitivity: may cause eating Indian plant a straight allergic reaction in people with allergies to plants from quarterly astrocytes; Couches Alrgid (in English: Ragweed), or chrysanthemums (in English: Chrysanthemums), or velvet plant (in English: Marigolds), or plant Albliss chives (in English: Daisies) and others, and advised those who suffer from allergies to these plants consult your doctor first before using plant Indian premium. [1]

Video Indian installment uses

Can watch the video to learn more about the uses of the Indian premium. [8]


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