How to use beer yeast

How to use beer yeast


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Brewer's yeast

Is a living organisms are in the stages of sleep, and is active when you add water and sugar, and begin to secrete enzymes that break down sugar and produces carbon dioxide, water, gas, powder, brewer's yeast has a flavor similar to walnut flavor, and gives a bitter taste when eating, and is used mainly for making beer.

Brewer's yeast high-calorie does not contain, but help to increase food absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. Using people who practice bodybuilding brewer's yeast to get the necessary vitamins and minerals element chromium and important to increase muscle growth.

How to use beer yeast

Weight gain can be spoon to eat two tablespoons on a daily basis, and can Nkhaltha with the types of juice that contain high calories, and can be added to the daily, such as soups, sauces and food dishes, and warns people with gout from eating yeast; It helps to increase uric acid in the blood. The best times to eat brewer's yeast after meals.

Brewer's yeast and yeast containing bread on the same structure, but the benefits of yeast more beer; Because yeast bread lose a lot of benefits after treatment for use in the manufacture of bread.

The importance of brewer's yeast

  • Natural source of vitamins, minerals, protein, found in pharmacies in the form of tablets.
  • Help weight gain; It helps to increase the absorption of food, and weight gain should eat high-calorie foods such as dried fruits, dairy and full-fat, olive oil; So that calories are entering the body more calories than consumed.
  • Rich in protein containing materials necessary to build the essential amino acids and cell regeneration.
  • It contains important vitamins for the body, such as vitamin B necessary for metabolic processes in the body.
  • It contains rules Albaourih responsible for the formation of genetic material in cells, and promote the work of the immune system.
  • Contain minerals such as zinc, which fights cancer, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and magnesium.
  • Help stabilize blood sugar levels; Because it contains chromium metal.
  • Increase the feeling of fullness; Because it contains a high percentage of protein.
  • Reduce the cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Relieve constipation and deal with skin problems such as eczema.

The negative effects of eating beans beer yeast

  • You should not eat more grain beer yeast; Because it can cause allergic reactions to some people.
  • It is not suitable for patients with pressure; To contain a large amount of sodium.
  • You should consult your doctor when used by diabetic patients.
  • Containing phosphorus, which prevents the absorption of calcium, it can cause a lot of ingested rickets disease.
  • It can cause gas and bloating in the abdomen.


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