How to treat wounds

How to treat wounds


  • 1 and types of bleeding wounds
  • 2 treatment of wounds 2.1 Wound homemade 2.2 Medical Treatment
  • 2.1 Wound homemade
  • 2.2 Medical Treatment

Wounds and types of bleeding

Wounds are one of the types of surface injuries that might be exposed to different human beings, and to varying degrees and varying, usually cause wounds bleeding bloody where different human and vary the risk resulting from the bleeding process according to the type of blood vessel, which was bleeding, and the way in which it occurs the bleeding may also vary according to the type of blood vessel bleeding, every type of blood vessels is subject to the influence of a certain degree of air pressure; Haemorrhage arterial be in the form of pulses and the reason for this to the nature of the force of blood in the artery, bleeding arterial is a serious bleeding must be dealt with quickly, and because the pressure is high in the arteries this may display the body to the loss of large amounts of blood from the body.

The bleeding of the veins shall be fixed and not in the form of pulses or bursts as in bleeding arterial, this is this type of bleeding is less serious than bleeding arterial, as it stops after a period of up to about almost ten minutes if the wound is small, but if the wound is strictly a large size is not included in this rule, but other types of bleeding is a bleeding capillary, which is less bleeding types Khtorah, where bleeding is slow flowing, and may last for a maximum of about three minutes.


Wound homemade

You must first be cleaned the wound well, which is surrounded by strange objects and dirt may hurt the body, as well be washed using soap and hot water, it can also be used oxygen water with a concentration of three percent to clean the wound and sterilized.

Then you must heal the wound well using sterile medical dressings for if the wound is bleeding, although there are no Fbalamkan use of what is available from neckties, or fabrics, or even leather belts, should switch bandages in the case has become wet, it can also employ some types of ointments containing antibiotics which are characterized by their ability and the main core to prevent the adhesion of bandages when placed on the wound, as can use nail scissors to remove the skin from the ruptured parties. As it is possible to treat wounds and pains that result in the first moments of the wound by placing ice cubes in a bag or a piece of cloth thick Kalmnschwh, then put it on the wound as needed, which helps to get rid of severe pain, and if the effects of contamination of the wounds appeared it should be the case to a specialist doctor.

The medical treatment

You must get medical treatment as soon as possible if the bleeding does not stop within a short time, and if the size of a large wound is larger than one inch almost, if the depth of the wound more than two centimeters, and if the wound type HTTP or obtuse, and if contaminated contain body strange, and if the injured person is immune not from tetanus during the years preceding the five injured by your taking the vaccine, and finally if the person therapist is versed or if it is estimated that there is a need for medical intervention, should not be underestimated in such matters, even if the processor thinks it is simple.


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