How to treat heatstroke

How to treat heatstroke


  • 1 heatstroke
  • 2 symptoms and causes of heatstroke
  • 3 complications and factors that increase the incidence of stroke sun
  • 4 First Aid
  • 5 cooling Dipped
  • 6 heat loss evaporative
  • 7 Other treatments for heatstroke
  • 8 measures for the treatment of heatstroke
  • 9 Prevention of heatstroke
  • 10 video about how to treat heatstroke
  • 11 References


The symptoms and causes of heatstroke

  • Exposure to sun stroke has serious symptoms on the human body and before knowing the symptoms you should know the cause of this accumulation of heat in the human body is due to two reasons:
  • The human body produces heat inside through a process called the process of metabolism, the body can dissipate this heat in the case is infected stroke sun is emptying the heat in two ways, discharge by radiation through the skin or through a race that appears outside of the skin to evaporate, but in incidence of cases of exposure to high temperature or humidity in the summer or extreme fatigue and stress under the scorching sun, the body will not be able to discharge this excess heat, and this leads to high human body temperature may sometimes up to 41˚mioah.
  • Drought, where drought is the cause of the rapid injury sun stroke, due to the man who is suffering from dehydration are not able to sweat well like a normal person he is unable to get rid of excess heat in the body, which works on the high temperature in the body.

As for the symptoms of sun stroke it is similar to a large extent with the symptoms of heart attacks or other cases of the disease, and exposed human often to the symptoms of Bnhec heat, before the arrival of the case to heatstroke, including:

  • The feeling of nausea and vomiting
  • Feeling tired, especially in walking.
  • The feeling of wasting, weakness and headaches.
  • Feeling cramps and the occurrence of pain in the muscles.

Many people enter the symptoms of heatstroke, as the symptoms of heatstroke include the following:

  • A significant increase in body temperature
  • Race usually does not appear to be this is the first symptoms that indicate a rise in temperature, the skin is to be tilted drought if the sun blow caused by the high temperature of the air, but if the cause of the stress and fatigue skin becomes wet.
  • Very rapid heartbeat, although the blood pressure remains at the normal rate, but the speed of the heartbeat becomes increasing until it reaches 130 beats per minute or more, as this is higher than the normal rate at which the heart rate ranging between 60-100 beats per minute naturally, due to the rise in body temperature increases the burden on the heart rate significantly because the heart straining to do the same in reducing the heat.
  • Rapid breathing dramatically, which makes breathing shallow.
  • Maybe exposed person fits very much like seizures, and perhaps in a coma lose consciousness or suffer hallucinations and become difficult pronunciation with him.
  • Feeling severe pain in the muscles, the patient feels pain and cramps in his muscles at the start of the feeling of the sun stroke, but the muscles thereafter exposed to hardening or relax.

Complications and factors that increase the incidence of stroke sun

All persons in all environments are exposed to the occurrence of heatstroke, but there are occasional human cases occur for several factors, namely:

  • Human life, the human capacity of whether large or small in Toqlmh with temperatures severe in its impact on the nervous system, and since the nervous system was not mature completed when young people are integrated as youth category, as it also begins with weakness in the elderly shall be exposure for children and adults in the greater age of youth, and so the two categories also suffer from difficult to keep moisture well in their bodies, which causes the likelihood of being caught in a blow to the sun.
  • Human athlete or who is working outside the home that cause exposure to physical stress that increases falling in exposure to heatstroke.
  • Drugs and medicines that some people predicted stroke sun such as drugs that affect the body's moisture and temperature, and how the body cope with high heat warns here out in the scorching sun that put them in an easy and quick injury blow sun, these drugs (such as high blood pressure drugs as these drugs that the work of material adrenaline, drugs that expel sodium and water from the body, and there are medications dealing with mental illness, such as phantasm).

As for the complications of heatstroke spoke when the person a state of shock. The body is unable to pump sufficient amounts of blood, leading to the presence of damage in some of the body's organs do not reach good blood, causing delays in the treatment of heatstroke death sometimes brain more susceptible to damage due to the presence of emphysema emergency occurs in the brain and other organs due to heatstroke, if the parents did not rush to take prompt treatment to reduce the temperature of the body causes the swelling that leads to the death occurs.

first aid

The rapid reduction of heat to the body temperature based treatment, and the introduction of the injured sun stroke to the hospital for 48 hours to monitor complications, and before the patient was transferred to the emergency must do the following: [1]

  • Cooling the scene before transporting the injured to the emergency department, according to the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Remove clothes for the injured, water workshops on the body, cover the body cover wet with cold water, or by placing ice packs on the armpits and groin area.
  • To provide patients who are unable to breathe Baltenbab (in English: intubated), while patients who are able to breathe must provide them with more oxygen.
  • The development of venous line to enhance the fluid pumping blood sugar.

Cooling Dipped

Cooling is an immersion in the water ice the best way to treat people with stroke the sun, where the lower body temperature to below 39 degrees Celsius during the twenty to forty minutes, but it is cooling defects that the treatment is uncomfortable for patients awake, coupled with the possibility of causing the narrowing of blood under the skin, increased tremors, which in turn causes an increase in internal heat production. [1]

Heat loss evaporative

Is less effective than immersion technique, and is by removing all the patient's clothes, body workshops with lukewarm water intermittently in conjunction with a strong fan running toward the body, to allow heat to evaporate. [1]

Other treatments for heatstroke

Can cure the sun blow as follows: [2]

  • Body special cooling blanket wrap, and put ice packs on the groin areas and neck, back, armpits to lower the temperature.
  • Taking drugs muscle relaxants, to treat tremors caused by the reduction of body temperature, such as: benzodiazepine (treatments in English: benzodiazepines), as the tremors would increase the body temperature, which reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

Measures for the treatment of heatstroke

If there are signs that high body temperature, and the incidence of sun stroke should take the following measures: [2]

  • Go to a place air conditioner or shady place.
  • Cold water spray or exposure to a fan.
  • Taking a cold bath.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate the body, and stay away from drinking sugary drinks, or alcoholic, or very cold drinks; These drinks may limit the body's ability to control the temperature, and can cause stomach cramps.

Prevention of heatstroke

For the prevention of heat stroke must follow the following tips: [3]

  • Presence in a shady place between the eleventh hour to the third noon.
  • Taking precautions when you go out at high temperatures, such as: wear loose clothes cool, drink more fluids.
  • Avoid intense physical exertion when working out, and can be stressful to postpone business until after sunset or exercise early in the morning.
  • Keep the house cooler; By closing the curtains during the day.

Video on how to treat heatstroke

To know the way how to treat heatstroke Watch the video. [4]


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