How to train dogs viciousness

How to train dogs viciousness


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Some people liked the acquisition of pets and bred in the home, there are those who keeps cats, dogs, birds, and sometimes poultry if available space for it. Enjoy many special breeding cats and dogs ,; For their ability to respond to them. Dogs have been since ancient times faithful animals to their owners, and this is paying a lot to breeding. Preferably a lot of people around the world kennel and take care of them for several different most important reasons for the protection of private property and entertainment. The dogs are domesticated breed of wolves, so, the dogs have a tendency to predatory sharp, and the viciousness of the existing dog breeders exploited by some animals to give dogs more viciousness and take advantage of them in different areas. [1]

Classification of dogs

The dog is a pet mammal, often been associated with the animal to fulfill many of the books in literature, especially novels, have used human animal for several purposes; It was the dog used to guard, and fishing, and traction vehicles also, as was the companion dogs are blind in their way and mobility, which is also the deaf, has been used for the objectives of the police also; After being trained to become capable of drugs, explosives detection, and to find the bodies, and many others. [2]

Depending on the purposes of learned from this animal, it can be classified dogs according to their uses: There are hunting dogs that used by some in the forest, and the dogs shepherds that protect livestock and guard dogs are placed to protect homes, sniffer dogs used in commissions to investigate crimes, and dogs accompany the blind and deaf, there are also dogs that are used in drag carts and ice slides. [2]

How ferocious dogs breeding

When buying a new dog breeder must be proficient in ways his education so that he can control him to implement the goal that brought him. And on the breeder to acquire the right dog for the type of work that will cost him the dog, and therefore, it must recognize the characteristics and features of the type of dog before you buy it, as you must make sure the dog's health and character and his descendants. Constantly dog ​​growth must focus on obedience training, which makes the dog more effective control. It begins with obedience training aged two months or more of the life of the puppy, to become eligible to receive orders and their implementation. And obedience training will be an implementation of the orders of the coach once heard and repeat it to ensure that the dog undergo various times for the breeder. [2]

Various tips for breeding dogs

At the beginning of the exercises before mastering the dog exercises must be careful not to conflicting rules, the base of what has been put to the dog, it should stick out in all times and not to ignore it if the dog violates one occasion. Is not recommended to provide a lot of affection for dogs fierce, offering rewards and food for dogs without reason, this is recommended to achieve when rewarded drills and exercises elaborately and charity act, it pays a dog for charity every time to act in anticipation of reward. As some experts recommend that the interest in the work exercises for regular periods, and work exercises help the dog to get rid of pent-up energy inside so as not to become aggressive, and these exercises are limited to running, jumping and dribbling only, and execute commands to sit and bark and others, but in addition to some exercises make him use his mind. [2]

It must also create the language of dialogue between the human and the dog in order to create a means of understanding between the individual and his dog, and this language are determined by the time of the attack or undergo, all the coach that the dog knows the meaning of the word (I run). The dog is ready for that after reaching 4 months, especially when you see any small animal, to have this reaction every time. When you repeat it more than once rose dog natural reaction is to become the attack in the event of his vision of the object that provoked, or even when you hear the word (I run). The ferocity up in the tenth month to train a lot on this matter to the extent of murder, but the coach caution when the arrival of the dog to this degree of viciousness, where he must remain obedient to the orders of the coach, and not out of control. [2]

Vicious dogs uses

Using sniffer dogs fierce to help the police in their work in several missions in the inspection of bags and places of bombings and crimes., It is also used to defend a particular personality. Dogs have 220 cell sensory active to do its job quickly and efficiently and accurately, a platoon sponsor of the German are (in English: German Shepherd) of the most species used in the police for the fulfillment of its owner, and her intelligence in the implementation of the tasks required of them quickly and effectively. German Shepherd and a medium-sized dog used to track criminals and drug detection because of the strong sense of Shamma, an easy training to human obedience. The German Shepherd is one of the best detective species at all. [1]

The most dangerous and the most brutal types of dogs

Dog is a platoon Shepherd Rodfleur and Rodoaelr of severe dogs viciousness; It is enough two of these dogs to eliminate tiger. The dog Albitbool, a small dog-sized, is fierce and very mischievous dog and has strong muscles as well, and is classified Albitbool in many categories that the most violent at all. A type Rottweiler who used to guard the very important figures from politicians and artists, but if they are not well trained may become very dangerous. Type Alhski in Russia's Siberian diffuse, which looks like a wolf in its shape has a very powerful bite may be fatal, but it is very faithful animals live among family members without abuse. There are also many types of dogs, such as the famous Bhrasthe Almlmut pollack, and Aldobr Man, Alchao Zhao, Jerit and Dan, St. Bernard, and dalmatian.

Video Dog Training

See how dog training and breeding



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