How to train cats

How to train cats


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  • 3.1 basic training
  • 3.2 call the cat
  • Employment 3.3 baths
  • 3.4 Demand
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the cats

Animals carnivorous cats species of cats, relatives of tigers, leopards, black, and have a good reputation in humans because she encountered, and her intelligence, and self-reliance, and their tendency to play, entertainment and interaction with humans. Similar pet cats, which are also called pet cats, household, domestic and private, largely those that live in the wild, they are graceful creatures have a strong body and claws and sharp teeth dedicated to hunting small animals in size, such as mice, rats, birds, lizards, and cats skill super hide and fishing. [1]

Although all cats domesticated all over the world belong to one species (Latin: Felis catus), but among them varies considerable in size, body and color of fur, and to distinguish cats on this basis, they are classified into a large number of breeds that carry each one of them small distinct qualities, Mhjno cats and marry off the different strains of each other to obtain new strains have special qualities, the most famous breeds of cats in the cat world knight, and Abyssinian, and Burmese and Siamese, and the king, they abound and vary. Cat object is of great importance in human culture; These animals appear in ancient legends and technical drawings of the Greeks, Romans and ancient Egyptians and other peoples. [1]

Physical description of the cat

Ranges from high adult cat at the shoulder of twenty to twenty-five centimeters, and the weight of it is between two kilograms and a half to seven kilograms, and up to nine kilograms or more sometimes. Structure consists of bone snapshot of two hundred and fifty greatness, and works on internal functional members of the body of the animal protection, muscles related to a long, thin, flexible skeleton, and help the cat to move nimbly and speed, as it speeds up in the running to fifty kilometers per hour. For these animals joints strong when hip allows them to jump great distances, and her claws are able to Alantu under the skin when you do not need to use (thanks to the tendons flexible withdraw under the skin of the foot or allow it to Balanfrad), and can cats benefit from the claws to defend themselves, or clinging to Pferaisha, or climb trees, except for it, covered the soles of the feet of these animals leather thick with cushioned strength spongy, and thanks to this feature can cats landing from the high altitude and shock absorption Borgelha alone, and therefore - if you fall from a high - volatility itself in the air instinctively to land on their feet. The cat has a long tail helps him to balance during the movement and climbing. [1]

How to train cats

The owner of the cat can play with him in different ways, and you love cats foreplay, especially touching her jaw, patting hand on top of her head, massaging the back of her neck and the front and rear lists. The cat should be immunized from common diseases and infectious, Kalafrazac, fever, and inflammation of the intestine, and be injected with anti-infectious and common diseases. [2]

Basic Training

Of the most important points in cats training is trained to know her name, particularly when they eat, and why the cat food in the stage and be a good listener directly attentively to everything around him. The food is very basic training; It is a bonus that makes the cat realizes that he has done a good job, and that he did more of it in order to get other prizes. When you start training your cat is recommended processing tool issued a kind constant of sounds, such as a whistle or clicker (an instrument with a bell ringing with every keystroke). Such voices help to attract the attention of the cat and know that he is subject to training, the usual method is to use the whistle or bell and then provide food for the cat, and so can link the sounds produced by these tools training session, and without them will not understand why give him food reward just a gift and would consider. [2]

Call the cat

For example, to train the cat to come to the owner when you desire, you must start from the time the food. Before opening a box food cat or pour its contents into the dish, instructor must ring once the voice Bodath, and little repetition will understand the cat that the issuance of this sound mean a good thing (which is receiving food), and therefore will have the initiative to come to the owner as soon as the sound even heard if released outside of the usual eating times. You can start to call the cat from short distances, and rewarded - when it comes - some food, and then the cat get used to it. [2]

Employment baths

Cats also can be trained to use the bathroom, but it may be a little difficult. In normal conditions must have a cat bowl litter knows that it left its waste in it, and the trick of it is to change the place of the pot constantly; First must be moved to the bathroom, and then gradually be rounded to the bathroom chair so get used to the cat to approach him, and finally must be placed above the chair to have to climb over it whenever he wanted the toilet, and eventually can remove the container completely, and when they do not find the cat will start using the bathroom chair in a normal fashion . [2]

the demand

When you want to train your cat to Esperance or request things, the owner can, quite simply, to raise a piece of food in front of him (above his head a little), then it represents the movement of Esperance. Then the cat will have to stand on his feet Alkhalifatin lifting his body and legs to the front legs can reach the food, and then you must click sound with a tool to give the cat a sign that this was trained, and then give him food. After some training will become a cat ready to stand up and demand the performance of this movement without any food given to him. [2]

Breeds of cats

There are more than forty breed of pet cats scattered on all continents, knowing that many breeds of cats have become extinct or changed over time, the most famous breeds of cats in the world now are the following:

  • Cat Siamese.
  • Persian cat.
  • Never Himalayas.
  • Cat Abyssinian.
  • Never the white.
  • Never Balinese.
  • Cat Manx.
  • Never Burma.
  • Russian cat.
  • Rural cat.
  • Never Moun office.
  • Cat Angora.
  • Cat Alokazhotek.
  • Turkish Van.
  • Somali cat.
  • Scottish cat.
  • Japanese cat.
  • Never Ahanchila.
  • Never the Egyptian Mau.
  • Never Bombay.
  • Burmilla.
  • Cat Albulanezi.
  • Never Altorato.
  • Croatian cat.
  • Turkish never Alongura.


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