How to tighten your abdominal muscles in a week

How to tighten your abdominal muscles in a week


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Abdominal muscles

The abdominal muscles (or stomach) are part of the center muscles (in English: Core Muscles) It is important not only to give a view attractive but to balance the body and strength, which is not without any effort my body, whether it comes from exercise or daily activities of the use of the center muscles, which consist of the stomach muscles, lower back, and the muscles of the groins, and in the case of a weakness in any of these muscles, it will lead to injuries to the body and a large pressure on the bones and joints. [1] tighten the abdominal muscles of things desired by most young people of both sexes, so what gives him that region of the strength of the body and an increase in mild appearance, and of course there are many factors that prevent the appearance of muscles tight belly when most of the people, but with little effort and in a short period can that are exercise muscles to show better and long-term.

The reasons for the disappearance of the abdominal muscles

When talking about the disappearance of the abdominal muscles, it does not mean erasing it exists and can not be human to live without them, but it meant the inability to see its details, and the reasons not to appear:

  • The nature of the body structure; Since the body endomorph (in English: Endomorph) is difficult to show where the abdominal muscles (but possible), unlike the virtual body structure (in English: Ectomorph), which can be the details of the abdominal muscles of the phenomenon of its own in it. [2]
  • The weakness of the abdominal muscles; As the weak muscle is small in size and showing details. [3]
  • Increase the percentage of fat in the body; As the excess fat in the body (especially men) Taatkhozn in front of the abdominal muscles, these muscles Vtkhva left behind. [4]
  • Water retention in the abdominal area; And it is due to the diet, which caused salts and some foods that contain it at high rates Kalpn Alaaran to poke water in different areas of the body, including the abdomen, this does not always, but after disappearing a few weeks after reducing salt ratios in the diet. [5 ]

How quickly tighten your abdominal muscles

First, we must pay attention to the quality of daily habits followed, as the lack of regularity in sleep and lack of movement and the types of affordable food is the first factor, and more importantly, the lack of success of the exercise and give the desired effect, [6] The foods rich in salt helps to store water in the body, and thus increase the required period the appearance of the stomach muscles taut, as well as foods that contain saturated fats, such as fried meals or fast in general, be severe damage to the body, the cause of head of the increasing proportion of fat in the body. [7] must therefore abide by reducing salty foods, sugars, fats saturated, and replace it with fruits, vegetables, and unsaturated fats, meat net fat-free.

There are two main phases must do simultaneous in order to show the abdominal muscles, namely: burn fat, tummy tuck exercise muscles. Without fat burning, whatever the details of the abdominal muscles will not appear stronger, and will not be detailed and muscle tight abdomen in the absence Tmrenha, where the belly will be flat and smooth, Vlhma Valmrahltan can not be dispensed with tasks for any of them. [8]

Burn fat

Are burning body fat by reducing food high-calorie Kalshokulath and desserts, and food containing saturated fat fried as potatoes, as well as carbohydrate-containing Galayseme index is high. [9] To burn fat more must burn calories through exercise Kalrkd swimming, must prolongation when exercising, Vharq large amounts of fat, not enough jogging or swimming only for ten minutes, but must reach the duration to half an hour at least, and is set exercises to increase the difficulty to be the effort sustained for long periods. [10]

Tummy tuck exercise muscles

As for tightening exercises abdominal muscles, there are several types of exercises should be practiced for at least a month to get the best result in record time, and be aware that abdominal exercises alone are not enough, and may cause damage to the muscles; Because of overtaxed if exercised daily, so you should exercise be a complete system to flatten the muscles of the body, [11] while maintaining a lot of drinking water, including at least two liters of water per day, in addition to what it gets the body of water in the food and beverage other, [12] and careful to stay away from smoking and eating soft drinks or alcoholic, preferably a lot of eating foods that contain high proportions protein such as chicken, eggs, fish, protein is the nutrient responsible for building muscle in the body.

It is advised to exercise the abdomen every two muscles, so as to leave on the muscles rebuild themselves in it, and when the exercise should strain considerably abdominal muscles in order to benefit (to the degree of the feeling of burning in the muscles), but not excessive so as to avoid a hernia. [13] of exercise months to build the abdominal muscles: [14] [15]

  • Exercise sit (in English: Sit-ups); Where the person lying on his back and lifted his knees and begins to sit down and then lie down, with a repeat to fatigue while abdominal muscles.
  • Exercise sitting weights (English: Weighted Sit-ups); This exercise is difficult, which is similar to the principle of exercise sitting, but the person it carries weight with his hands free to keep it brought up throughout the exercise, and can be performed on the diagonal seat.
  • Exercise Alblanc (in English: Planks); The person lying on the ground, as if he wanted to exercise pressure, but he proves his body using his elbows, and remain in this position for at least 30 seconds, while maintaining the integrity of the back.

Video tightening abdominal muscles in a week

If you are interested to sculpt your body shape, you may be interested strained abdominal muscles:


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