How to stop the bleeding

How to stop the bleeding


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Can be defined bleeding as blood loss inside or outside the body, and in fact the bleeding occurs because of exposure one internal organs of the injury, or as a result of exposure to an external wound, then the body is a clot of blood naturally to stop the bleeding, it may suffer some people from health problems affecting the process of blood clotting , which may lead to clotting disorder, and it should be noted that some types of bleeding need medical intervention to help stop the bleeding, and bleeding leads to the incidence of certain health complications, such as the appearance of bruising under the skin in the event of exposure to internal bleeding, or the incidence of stroke in the event of bleeding within the brain in some cases, can also be bleeding casually for a number of different diseases, such as bleeding associated with cough, vaginal bleeding, and bleeding in the digestive system. [1]

How to stop the bleeding

You can stop the bleeding caused by minor injuries at home in most cases, it should be noted the need to know the person ways to stop safe bleeding, careful to wash your hands thoroughly before attempting to stop the bleeding, and home methods that can be followed to help stop the bleeding as follows: [2] [3]

  • Application pressure: where is the application of pressure the best way to stop the bleeding, and can be done through pressure with both hands on the place of bleeding by using a bandage or a dry and clean for clothes ranging from 5-10 minutes, and you should not remove the bandage to see the wound during this period to avoid the return of the bleeding time Others, as it is worth raising the affected area above the level of the heart to help reduce the rate of blood flow to the wound as much as possible.
  • Snow: It helps the snow to catch the blood vessels, which in turn leads to facilitate the form of blood clot faster and stop the bleeding, and can be done by placing a piece of ice inside a clean cloth and put it on the wound.
  • Vaseline: Where can I use Vaseline to help stop the bleeding from simple wounds, so by painting him on the affected area.
  • Antiperspirants: may help aluminum chloride found in antiperspirants to catch the blood vessels, which contributes to the formation of blood clot and stop the bleeding.
  • Mouthwash: the alcohol found working in as an astringent mouthwash (in English: Astringent) when used for external wounds, and this would accelerate be thrombus, is also useful aminocaproic acid (in English: Aminocaproic acid) also stop the bleeding caused by the operations of dental correction, and It is important not to move lye inside the mouth to avoid removing the blood clot from its place.
  • Tea: Where is the use to help tea to stop the bleeding from common household roads, especially bleeding teeth, so as to contain tea substance tannin (in English: Tannin) that stimulate blood clotting due to the properties of the holding of blood vessels, and it should be noted that green tea is the best tea that can be used to help stop the bleeding, it is also worth noting that you can not use tea skimmed caffeine in this case because it does not contain a substance also tannin, As for the method of use are put tea bag inside a piece of gauze, then put it on the place of bleeding, with biting over age, or placed in the affected area inside the mouth for 30 minutes, and if the desire using external wounds tea is put tea bag inside a piece of gauze, then put it on the wound and pressure.
  • Plant Alhsenbl: It can be used to plant Alhsenbl (in English: Yarrow) by grinding after dried and sprayed on the wound, it can be used as leaves or flowers Alhsenbl placing them on the wound, applying pressure to help stop the bleeding.

How to stop bleeding nose

The nose bleeding or epistaxis of common health problems in children and adults, and in most cases does not indicate bleeding nose of a serious health problem, especially among children, and it should be noted that in the event of continued bleeding nose for more than 20 minutes, or if the bleeding was caused from a fall or an accident, you should see a doctor what may indicate a break in the nose, as a statement of some of the ways in which first aid can be followed to help stop bleeding nose: [4] comes

  • The injured sit and keep his head tilted slightly forward, and this would reduce blood pressure inside the blood veins in the nose, and prevent the descent of blood toward the stomach to avoid nausea.
  • Pressure on the nose bleeding towards the separation barrier between the nostrils, and in the absence of the patient's ability to do so can someone else to apply pressure on the nose for 5-10 minutes.
  • Not blowing through the nose several days later, in case the bleeding stopped, to prevent the removal of the blood clot and start bleeding again.

Emergency bleeding

Attention should be paid in the event of severe bleeding to the emergence of certain symptoms on the patient, such as cold, or weak pulse, or loss of consciousness, which may indicate the arrival of the patient to a state of shock, it is important to emphasize that even in emergency situations must maintain pressure on the wound up the arrival of assistance, in addition to the demand of the injured lie down, raise the feet to the level higher than the level of the heart, if possible, to him, it should be noted that in case of doubt the existence of internal bleeding, or if there is an object Mgruz in the area around the wound, you must go directly to the emergency , and other situations that require emergency intervention as follows: [4]

  • Deep wounds, or toothed, or in the form of a hole.
  • Facial wounds.
  • Wounds caused by a bite of animals.
  • There is dirt inside the wound, not yet graduated clean the wound.
  • Continuous bleeding for 15-20 minutes after first aid.


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