How to shoot a video screen

How to shoot a video screen


  • 1 How to shoot a video screen in Windows 10
  • 2 How to shoot a video screen in Mac
  • 3 How to shoot a video screen in the Android phones
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How to shoot a video screen in Windows 10

Windows allows 10 users to the possibility of application imaging active in the screen through a video clip through one of the tools installed in this system, which may serve as a surprise to many users, this tool is what is known as the Game Bar, and you will learn in the following on how to shoot screen with video through this tool: [1]

  • Pressure on the Windows + G keys in the keyboard, to show the user a pop-up window asking him about his desire to open a tool Game Bar, and can successful on this by clicking on the selection box along the apparent option Yes, this is a game.
  • Clicking the record button, which is symbolized by the small red circle phenomenon in the toolbar on the computer screen, video recording starts to display the active program in the computer.
  • Clicking on the box icon appears in the Game Bar toolbar to stop the recording process, where the video will be saved to a file that has been captured in the existing folder Captures a subfolder in the user's Videos folder.

How to shoot a video screen in Mac

Can do imaging computer type Mac screen and cross-section of the video using the software installed on the Mac operating system, which is what is known as QuickTime, and you will learn how The following video capture screen Mac and through the use of this program: [2]

  • Open the QuickTime application on the device.
  • Clicking on the File button and then choose New Screen Recording option.
  • Clicking the record button to start capturing video screen PC Mac, It is worth mentioning that the user can activate the option to use the microphone during video capture and that it can comment on the video that is captured for your computer screen.

How to shoot a video screen in the Android phones

Can be filmed screen phone running Android system through the use of an external program known as A-Z Screen Recorder, through the following steps: [3]

  • Run an application A-Z Screen Recorder on the user's Android phone.
  • Clicking the gear icon appears on the screen so as to modify any different video settings Kdqh recording or other settings.
  • Return to main phone screen and then open the screen that the user wants to start registration via video.
  • Clicking on the button shown in red to start filming the screen through a video clip.


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