How to rid the body of toxins

How to rid the body of toxins


  • 1 Avoid prepared foods
  • 2 drinking green tea
  • 3 drinking water
  • 4 to stay away from smoking and alcohol
  • 5 Use natural products
  • 6 Exercise Sports
  • 7 References

Avoid prepared foods

You must eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat fat, reduce the intake of ready-made foods that contain fat, sugar and sodium in excessive quantities, where the body can get rid of toxins caused by these meals, when you stop eating. [1]

Drinking green tea

The rich green tea antioxidants that help the process of accelerating the metabolism, it is characterized by high efficiency works to hydrate the body, it also contributes to the protection of several diseases, such as colds, it is possible to drink green tea once a day to get interest. [1]

Drinking water

Helps to drink plenty of water to flush toxins from the body, accelerates scientific disposal, in addition to drinking plenty of water will improve your skin, and the thinnest waist. [1]

Stay away from smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol of the most important things that cause toxins in the body, so quit smoking and drinking alcohol helps to get rid of toxins, and smoking and alcohol are many disadvantages, Valtdechin lead to serious respiratory problems, drinking alcohol hurts the liver, enters the sugars and fats to the body . [1]

The use of natural products

Try to use natural products alternative for the use of chemical household cleaners, products of skin, toothpaste, so as to promote natural cleansing, where he uses lemon juice, and sodium bicarbonate to clean up the kitchen, and uses organic soap and natural cleaning, and the teeth are cleaned using toothpaste that contains natural ingredients, or use ALL sodium Bayekrbunat, and therefore less exposure to toxins. [2]


Aerobic exercise accelerates the process of removing toxins from the body by inhaling more oxygen, where you pay the blood to flow throughout the body, and help the arrival of food, and the flow of lymph fluid throughout the body, and his muscles, plus they expel toxins from the body. [3]


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