How to restore the factory settings for the computer

How to restore the factory settings for the computer


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  • 2.1 Windows operating system 10
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Factory reset

Factory Reset (English: Factory Settings) for your computer is to restore the original settings of the device that was present it when you buy the process, has been reset deletes all personal files stored music, movies, images, or any software or applications that have been stored after purchase computer, so there may be a need to save a backup copy of the files to be restored later, and resort to this procedure in the event of note the slow performance of the device, or to configure it for sale, prefer then delete personal files that it all, and in this article we will discuss factory reset for a range of different operating systems, such as: (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP). [1]

How to factory reset

Windows operating system 10

Allows the operating system (Windows 10) Adjust the original settings of the device; By following the following steps: [2]

  • Push notifications (Notification) in the far right of the screen, the tasks (Task bar) bar at the bottom of the screen, or put pressure on (A +), and then choose all of the settings (All settings).
  • Put pressure on the modernization and safety (Update & Security), and then choose recovery (Recovery) from the left menu.
  • Under Reset this computer title (Reset this PC), we press the start (Get started), and then a new window will choose them to keep Bmlfaty (Keep my files) if you wish to keep personal files stored on the device, or choose to remove everything (Remove everything) if you wish to delete the files, programs and applications all.
  • When you choose to remove everything (Remove everything) shows us two options; Either remove my files (Just remove my files), and either remove the files and clean up the drive (Remove files and clean the drive), preferably choose the second option if the user wants to sell his computer.
  • If the device contains more than one drive, you can choose the engines that we want to re-tuned by selecting a scan engine primary drive (Only the drive where Windows installed), or select all disks (All drives) can also know the drives that will be affected by resetting all by clicking on the show list of drives that will be affected (Show me the list of drives that will be affected).
  • When you choose to keep Bmlfaty (Keep my files), will appear on the screen list of programs installed on the device, and will be saved on the desktop when the process is finished.
  • Window will appear where we click on the Reset (Reset), and operating this device will return automatically, and then will restore the settings, this process takes from an hour to two hours, so it is preferred that the charger is connected in case of use of a laptop (Laptop).
  • The device may automatically restores several times during the reset process, wait until the screen appearance of Windows key, then enter the personal and other data to complete the entry process (login) to the system.

Windows operating system 8

In the Windows operating system Windows 8 (8), you can reset the factory settings of the device by updating option (Refresh) without affecting the files stored, or reset option (Reset) with deleting all files stored on the device, and before clicking on the Update option ( refresh) should pay attention to the following things: [1]

  • If the updated copy of the operating system (Windows 8) to (Windows 8.1), the Update option (Refresh) will restore the original system (Windows 8), and will have to update the user to copy (Windows 8.1) later.
  • Applications installed by the user will be removed and stored in a backup folder, and installed applications with the system will be installed after the completion of the update process.

To update or reset the operating system (Windows 8), we follow the following steps: [1]

  • Start running (Windows 8).
  • We go to (Settings Settings) by passing the mouse pointer on the right edge of the screen, or at the direction indicator top left corner of the screen.
  • Press to change your computer's settings (Change PC Settings).
  • Press the update and Recovery (Update and recovery).
  • We choose Recovery (Recovery), and then choose to start option (Get started) located when updating your PC without affecting your files (Refresh your PC without affecting your files) if you wish to keep the files, but if you wish to get rid and delete all the files we choose to start option ( Get started) located at the removal of all, we choose re-installation (remove everything and reinstall Windows), and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Windows operating system 7

In older operating systems such as Windows 7 (Windows 7) Reset tool may not be available within the operating system, but it may come some devices with disks recovery (Recovery Disks), can by which factory reset the computer by inserting the disk into the machine and follow the instructions, with the lookout to take backup copies of the files if you do not want deleted, [3] and the process is done by following the following steps: [2]

  • We are looking for recovery (Recovery) in your search (Windows), and then open it.
  • We choose Options Retrieve Advanced (Advanced Recovery Options).
  • We press to re-install (Reinstall Windows), can also access the window of recovery from outside Windows by resetting the device, and press the shortcut key (shortcut key) which is in most of the hardware is a button (F11), before the main screen for Windows appearance (Windows ).

Run Windows XP

If you do not provide special settings to reset the factory settings, you can use the tools provided by the operating system Windows XP (Windows XP) that, even if the CD is not available (CD) the original operating system, and can restore the factory settings of the device if this setting is enabled (Enabled ) by entering into Safe mode (Safe mode) by following the following steps: [1]

  • We operate your computer.
  • Press and hold the key (F8) after operating directly.
  • Screen options and advanced Windows (Windows Advanced Option), choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt (Safe mode with a Command prompt).
  • When shading the previous option press enter (Enter).
  • Enter as an administrator (Administrator), or as a user with administrative privileges on the device (User with administrative rights).
  • When the command prompt (Command prompt) enter the command (systemroot% \ system32 \ restore \ rstrui.exe%).
  • Follow the instructions from the operating system to monitor the reset process.


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