How to protect endangered animals

How to protect endangered animals


  • 1 Identify the endangered species
  • 2 slow driving speed
  • 3 to wildlife organizations to join
  • 4 other means to protect endangered animals
  • 5 Video theories of dinosaur extinction
  • 6 References

Identification of endangered species

Is a start in the identification of endangered animals species and learning about the first step in order to try to protect these animals from extinction, and to make the most of that step, it must be parents and friends engage in the learning process and to identify the extent of the importance of the objects and the extent of the beauty that enjoys. [ 1]

Slow driving speed

Many of the animals are exposed to the risk of death or injury in the vicinity of a citizen wildlife developed areas, and as a result of passing on the road and exposure to collision accidents, where roads are one of the factors that pose a threat to this wildlife, because it is a reason to divide this citizen animals that are trying to cross from side to side, which calls take caution and slow speed when driving on such roads, so as to keep these objects from extinction. [1]

Wildlife organizations to join

Is a constructive step of life organizations wild for endangered animals, where the protection of joining adopts these organizations to defend the law of endangered species and its implementation to ensure that no harm her, in addition to the inclusion of many of the same objective agencies common, such as: Environmental Protection Agency, which took over the responsibility of supporting laws protecting endangered species, as well, these organizations strive to reduce the dangers that threaten wildlife and exposure to risk, and by encouraging the reduction of the use of pesticides, and careful to avoid water pollution. [2]

Other means to protect endangered animals

Many can apply other means to protect endangered animals, including: [3]

  • Disposal of waste Atrivh are correct; This recycling of glass waste, plastic, etc., in addition to the disposal of chemical and toxic waste, Kaltala and the like, by sending them to specialized institutions.
  • Care to protect the soil from erosion, and to take the necessary measures to prevent the contamination of nearby water from the presence of wildlife resources, as well as keeping in mind the sediment away from the stream of water being negatively affect the organisms that live in them; Because of its consumption and absorb oxygen inside the water.
  • Trying to make personal care items and cleaning materials autonomously, or the use of non-toxic materials; In order to reduce the exposure of aquatic life or objects that irrigates from these sources for destruction, at the end of the day these products will be just a waste of up to groundwater.

Video theories of dinosaur extinction

To learn about the theories of extinction of dinosaurs watched the video.


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