How to print from Word

How to print from Word


  • 1 How to print from Word
  • 2 How to print part of the Word file 2.1 Print this page 2.2 printing group consecutive pages 2.3 printing group pages non-consecutive
  • 2.1 Print this page
  • 2.2 printing group consecutive pages
  • 2.3 printing group pages non-consecutive
  • 3 How to Print on my page Aluwrd
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How to print from Word

The user may wish to print a document of the type of Word 2010, and can do this through a number of steps, as follows: [1]

  • Open the Word file to be printed.
  • Do list by clicking on File.
  • Choose the Print option from among the options that appear in the list, to open the custom print format file, where you want to print a file Aluwrd visible in the right part of the screen, whereas the special printing phenomenon settings in the left pane of the screen.
  • To adjust the print settings, where the user can select the pages you want to print or print the entire document, and can choose the number of copies to be printed.
  • Select the printer that wants to do the printing process through.

Done by clicking the Print button to start printing the document.

How to print part of the Word file

The user can Btabaa a specific part of the Word document where that when you do open the document and then pressing the keys CTRL + P and the list appears to print the default settings that are in the process of printing is the entire document printing, and there are many ways to print part of the document, according to the user's desire , as follows: [2]

Print this page

Print page can be active in Aluwrd by selecting an option from the Current Page under Print Options.

Printing group consecutive pages

It can be done to print several pages in the order by entering the page number you want to start print in the From box, and then write a page in the end of the printing box to.

Print group pages non-consecutive

It can be done to print a set of scattered pages by selecting Page Range option, and then enter the pages to be printed numbers, for example, if the user wants to print pages 3 and 10 pages from 22 to 27, he or she can type numbers in the box Page Range on the following figure (3, 10, 22 -27).

How to print on my page Aluwrd

Can you print on both sides of a page Aluwrd by doing the following steps: [3]

  • Open the Word file.
  • Clicking on the menu File, and then choose the Print option.
  • Choose the option Manually Print on Both Sides.


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