How to prepare Moroccan bread

How to prepare Moroccan bread


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the bread

Is the most important food in our daily lives, a body supplying energy needed protein, and the bread of many kinds, some of them made by hand, and some of them are made using machines, is worth mentioning that the brown bread that did not tend him bran more sensitive to the health of white bread, which tended Nkhalth, and although so the white bread is also useful; It contains vitamins, minerals and starch.

Bread great benefits; It is a nourishing tonic and muscles of the body, and fights aging and helps in cell growth, let us now know one of the types of bread which is characterized by our people in Morocco.

Moroccan bread preparation


  • Half a kilo of flour brown.
  • Half a kilo of white flour.
  • Four cups of warm water.
  • Tablespoons of yeast.

How to prepare

  • Put the white flour with brown flour in a bowl and add kneading salt and yeast.
  • Add the custom of warm water amount.
  • Start kneading and keep until you get a soft paste.
  • National coverage of the dough and place in a warm place for ten minutes in order to rest.
  • National cut the dough into large balls.
  • These lay out the balls in the baking tray, but first sprinkle flour in the Chinese land so as not to stick to the balls out, then and let it ferment for half an hour.
  • Place the balls in the oven and let it to mature.
  • Get out of bread from the oven and leave to cool slightly.
  • Feet of bread with different dishes.

Note: There are other ways for the maturity of the dough; Where you can put your other balls one by one in the pan, and wait until the first blush face, then Aqlbhe the other face reddens, and can put your oil in the pan land, and then evaluating the balls Pthmir and stirred with oil.

Moroccan bread Basameed preparation

This recipe is similar to the way the first, but here you have the choice between white flour and brown, and must can add the ingredients half a kilo of fine semolina, the second variation in the method of preparation is that you have to Tdhuba yeast in the amount of water, then add her to the flour, then Tbdia kneading process.

Moroccan "Aharhh" bread


  • Half a kilo of fine semolina.
  • Cup of oil.
  • salt.
  • Water.

How to prepare

  • Put salt on the stovetop.
  • Gradually oil and sprinkle Basameed Pour, and so on until the oil enters in the rest of the beads stovetop.
  • Sprinkle water on the stovetop and Pour while spraying until you get a soft paste.
  • Sprinkle the semolina in China where the dough Stqtaan into balls.
  • National bread balls in a pan after that place it in the oil.
  • The feet of Moroccan bread delicious hot or cold.

Video bread panini

If you're a fan of the many forms of news, watch the video to find out how to prepare bread panini:


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