How to prepare cowpea

How to prepare cowpea


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Cowpea of ​​vegetables that are used in the preparation of soups and multiple types of authorities, and also added to the grilled dishes such as chicken grilled fish, they are from various vegetables uses and available in shops selling vegetables, where specifically available in the winter so it is one of the winter vegetables. It is also characterized by the incomparable taste of which along with useful nutritional value. The use of cowpea to decorate luxury dishes.

In this issue we will look to talk about how to set up cowpea, which is a method of preparing soup beans with meat Almozat and tomato sauce, this dish is where the dishes are famous for Palestine and Jordan (the Levant).

Action cowpea


  • Half a kilo of veal section (bananas).
  • Kilo Lupia.
  • Large onion (onion is divided into two halves, the first half sliced ​​(wings), and the other half chopped).
  • Clove of minced garlic.
  • green pepper.
  • Cup or tray of tomato sauce large size.
  • Five Leaved Gar.
  • Half a kilo ripe tomatoes red.
  • Spoon and half a large salt.
  • Teaspoon black pepper.
  • Tsp spices cooking problem.
  • olive oil.
  • liter of water.
  • Chicken stock cube.
  • Tablespoon parsley, chopped fine (for garnish).

How to Setup

  • The meat Almozat placed in a saucepan and add the bay leaf and onion slides (wings), and put them with water and put on the fire until the boil, with work on the foam scrape the meat from the pot surface of the well, and cover the pot until the maturation of the meat well.
  • Wash well cowpea and cut edges by using the knife and cut off as desired.
  • Keep in as much as another little olive oil and put on the fire and add the chopped onion and stir for two minutes, then add the garlic cloves, chopped beans and a liter of water, cover the pot and to mature well cowpea.
  • Squeeze the tomatoes using an electric mixer well, then drain the tomato juice by the refinery in a saucepan and add the canned tomato sauce and add the salt, green pepper, black pepper, spices, stock cube chicken Nhrkh a bit, put on high heat to boiling while, and then we cut fire on the pot, and cover and leave for ten minutes.
  • When we confirm the maturation of the meat and beans we remove the broth from them, and Ndahma in a pot of hot tomato sauce for ten minutes to fifteen minutes, and raise the amount of fire and pour into a deep bowl to provide Garnish with chopped parsley and serve.

Eating beans dish with meat and tomato sauce with white rice as is common in the Levant, Oouma bread also, with the possibility of making this soup a side dish for some food and appetizers, beans turn from multiple vegetable recipes prepared.


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