How to Pdf file modification

How to Pdf file modification


  • 1 amendment to the PDF file through Adobe Acrobat
  • 2 Amendment to the PDF file through programs
  • 3 How to compress the PDF file
  • 4 References

Amendment to the PDF file through Adobe Acrobat

The user can do on the amendment files that work PDF format through the use of ADOBE ACROBAT program, through undertaking a number of steps, and you will learn as follows these steps, as follows: [1]

  • To open the file to be modified through Acrobat.
  • Clicking on the tool Edit PDF phenomenon on the right side of the screen, and then clicking on the text or even the existing image within the PDF file to be amended, for the Acrobat show dedicated tool for this amendment.
  • To complete the adjustment to be performed on the file, where it can be done by adding text or even another amendment text, as the user can add an image, or resize or replace it, and can also make adjustments to the header and footer of the PDF and many other modification options.

Amendment to the PDF file through programs

There are many programs that can be done through which the amendment to the PDF files, you will learn about The following are some of these programs, as follows: [2]

  • Program AbleWord: It is a free program that allows users to the possibility of modification on the entire PDF document.
  • Program Foxit Reader: Through this program can be edited on the PDF file only by covering some of the texts and replace them with prominent observations be covered with text.
  • Program PDF Candy: the user can for this program that has many things for the PDF files Kthoelha to any other formula or even to divide them, only for this program is the drawback that it does not work with any PDF file size exceeds 10 MB.

How to compress the PDF file

Can be done by pressing the PDF file and minimize its size through the use of Adobe Acrobat software, where it is by going to the File menu and then choose Save As Other where you can save the same file option is a new and a copy of less than the original file size size. [3]


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