How to mop up a banana peel

How to mop up a banana peel


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Drying under the sun's rays

To start the process of drying a banana peel under the sun's rays are monitored on the weather for a period of not less than three to four days, when the temperature reaches 30 ° C, taking into account the presence of light wind, as well as the percentage of moisture in the air to help drying in faster, and then be chosen outdoors exposed to sunlight for a period of not less than six hours a day, and arrange four brick blocks square in that area, then put a window made of a network of fiberglass instead of metal above the bricks. [1]

And then pulls banana peels and cut lengthwise to get sliced ​​longitudinal individually, and put it on the window grid so do not touch, and then covered by another network to protect them from birds and other animals, and leave out until nightfall, and then transferred these networks to an indoor place to protect it from the cooler night that causes condensation, which in turn hinders the drying process and being delayed, and in the morning the networks returned to their place outside under the sun's rays, and repeated transport and the return process for several days until complete drying process that may take three to four days. [1]

Using the oven drying

In this process is set to begin sliced ​​banana peels on the outer skin over the parchment paper, or paper bake cakes in Chinese, and then placed in a preheated oven at the preset temperature ranging between 76-93 degrees Celsius, which is 170-200 degrees Fahrenheit, and then watching until it becomes a black color, and be crisp and dry, then remove them from the oven. [2]

The nutritional value of banana peel

Banana peels contain about 42% of potassium, and 3.25% of phosphorus, concentrated where some microorganisms like calcium nutrients at a rate of 19.2 mg / g of cobalt, manganese at a rate of 76.2 mg / g of cobalt, and sodium at a rate of 24.3 mg / g of cobalt, as containing magnesium and sulfur. [3]


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