How to make Raib

How to make Raib


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How to make Raib

Yogurt important and useful food and appetite; Therefore, it consumes a large daily in most Arab homes, it is dealt with in several different varieties of food, and also can drink alone early in the morning because of its benefits. Vahtwae yogurt protein makes it permanent consumption of children and adults as well as athletes, and addressing ways too is to add cloves garlic mashed it and then taken up due to their great interest in getting rid of the stomach and rid the pain of worms and also modify the pH of the stomach.

Raib nutritional value of milk high; It contains large proportions of vitamins as vitamin A, and important minerals for the growth of the body and bone it contains calcium, and the most important thing distinguishes it has a delicious taste and desirable, and are often purchased yogurt shops, but every woman can prepare it at home it is easy food preparation and low cost.

The amounts of milk Raib

  • One liter of pasteurized fresh milk.
  • 400 ml of fresh milk yogurt.
  • A teaspoon of fine salt.

How to prepare

  • Keep a deep saucepan over low heat and preferably amount of metal Alstnales steel because it does not react with milk, unlike some other types of metals.
  • Pour the amount of fresh milk gradually complete.
  • Add a spoonful of salt to milk and milk, stirring using Alkhvaqh ​​hand circular movements quiet.
  • Add the full amount of milk yogurt with constant stirring, but here you must increase the speed, and when the mixture begins to become warm fire and put turn off the pot aside in a warm place and we must equally close.
  • To ensure warmth Nlv equally cut thick cloth for seven straight hours, and must avoid opening amount at this time so as not to completely crash.
  • After the passage of time we open the amount Vicu may be yogurt Coherent, pour milk in your refrigerator storage containers, and leave it in the refrigerator for two hours and then be ready to eat.
  • Preserves milk Raib output in the refrigerator for ten days only, preferably it used before that period as much as possible.
  • This type of yogurt served with a lot of popular Arabic dishes: Kalmgulwbh for example, can also be added to some types of authorities, or even eat it alone.


Always we recommend housewives to make this type of milk itself so as to ensure cleanliness, and also to ensure the quality of milk used; Because it recently spread to many types of yogurt is healthy, because it is made of unknown types milk source.


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