How to Lose Weight Quickly

How to Lose Weight Quickly


  • 1 intermittent fasting
  • 2 lifting weights
  • 3 stay away from ready-made foods
  • 4 References

Intermittent fasting

Is intermittent fasting and abstinence from food for a certain time, and then eat meals during a short period of the day an effective way to lose weight, which proved many studies that intermittent fasting for 24 weeks helps to lose weight, there are many ways to fast intermittent, including the following: [1]

  • Eating between 25-30% of the body's needs in the days of fasting.
  • Two days of fasting every seven days, where they are dealt with between 500 to 600 calories in the days of fasting.
  • Fasting 16 hours of the day and eat during only 8 hours, and most of those who practice this method of fasting is the period that ate the food in the evening hours until eight o'clock in the evening only, as demonstrated by numerous studies that have dealt with this way of fasting to eat during periods specific amounts leads to the consumption of less food.

Weight lifting

Some hated the practice of lifting exercises weight during the weight loss, but it's good practice as it is to burn calories, and increase the rate of metabolism in the body, it's good to go to the gym three to four times a week, so start warmed up and then lift some weight, and if the person did not want to practice weight lifting exercises, jogging exercise can provoke, or cycling, or swimming, or walking. [2]

Stay away from ready-made foods

The fast food and food restaurants rich and delicious flavors, which are usually rich in fat, sugar, and calories high, it is also difficult to know the components that actually entered into in making the dish and set it up, as it may contain more than it appears inside it, and prefers to go for healthy food where it can be outfitted and took him nowhere to go to any person. [3]


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