How to lose weight in a week for women

How to lose weight in a week for women


  • 1 to reduce the calories
  • 2 protein intake
  • 3 Avoid fast food
  • 4 increased activity and movement
  • 5 References

Reduce the calories

Reducing the calorie consumption of the most important factors that help reduce weight, so I prefer to follow the following tips to reduce the calories consumed: [1]

  • Calorie account: by recording the foods that are ingested, and calculate the number of calories they contain using so special tool, and helps trace amounts of nutrients that are ingested.
  • Eat meals time only: and reduce the intake of snacks, or eat after dinner.
  • Avoid eating spices: by reducing the use of spices and sauces that contain high calories.
  • Eating vegetables: food dish that contains a lot of vegetables and few carbohydrates, starchy and fat during the week.
  • Eating protein fat-free: the choice of proteins that contain less fat amounts; Such as: fish, chicken.
  • Not eating beverages containing calories: Instead of eating these drinks prefer to drink water, calorie-free drinks, coffee and tea.

Protein intake

Balanced diet that helps to lose weight on fruits and vegetables contain, healthy fats, whole grains, and in order to get the best results about that women must be focused on adding protein to the diet, many of the women taking only a small amount of proteins, and It is worth mentioning that women eating an adequate amount of protein helps to get rid of excess weight, because protein needs greater amounts of energy to digest compared to fat or carbohydrates; Therefore, the diet containing more protein leads to improved metabolic processes in the body, it also provides important nutrients to perform aerobic exercise necessary to build muscle. [2]

Preferably diet support your weight loss by adding 1.2 to 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and this means that when a woman weighing 90 kg, they need the amount of 110 to 146 grams of protein daily, and divide this amount on three to five meals a day, and include foods that contain both protein tuna, chicken, eggs, dairy, lentils, nuts, turkey and salmon, beef, and beans. [2]

Avoid fast food

It advised to avoid junk food because they contain large amounts of calories, and is one of the few foods content of nutrients, and contain high carbohydrate ratio, and a lot of salt, as well as processed foods, and include meals of: desserts, baked products , snacks and ready-made, it is worth mentioning that it is recommended to take full foods containing one component to help reduce carbohydrates and calories consumption. [3]

Increased activity and movement

Help increase traffic to burn calories, contributing to excess weight loss within a week, so there are ways of life prefer to follow within the daily routine; Including: climbing stairs, walking during breaks. [3]


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