How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight


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  • 2 How to Lose Weight 2.1 practice aerobics 2.2 Natural recipes
  • 2.1 practice aerobics
  • 2.2 Natural recipes
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Most people suffer from the problem of excess weight as a result of the lack of movement, the great dependence on the means of technology, Aktharhm of fast food and saturated fat, or for hereditary reasons, increasing their risk of many diseases, such as heart disease, pressure, and cholesterol, which search for different ways requires that allow them to ease their weight, and there are many ways feasible for it, such as the practice of some exercise, applying natural recipes, and a commitment to some health tips, and this is what Snarafkm in this article.

How to Lose Weight


  • Abdominal exercise: stretch on the back, then lift the body up, with the installation of the legs on the ground, and not moved to increase the pressure on the abdominal muscles, then return to normal, repeat the exercise more than once and regularly for two weeks to get results as feasible.
  • Exercise bike: stretch on the back, then lift the legs towards the top, and install a heavy load on the feet Kzjajat filled with sand, and then move the feet in a circular movement driving a bike, preferably these steps at least ten times to get results guaranteed repeat.
  • Based exercise on hands: stand and install hands Avardtin on the ribs, and then raise the legs towards the top until it reaches the chest area, then return to normal, repeat fifteen steps once three sessions, taking ten seconds break between each session and the other.
  • Exercise raise the legs vertically: stretch on solid ground, then put your hands next to the back on the floor, then lift the legs so that they form with the trunk ninety-degree angle, and then return to normal, repeat steps twenty-five times on three sessions, with taking a break ten seconds between each cycle and the other.
  • Exercise pressure: Lie on the abdomen, then raise the body by using the muscles of the abdomen and hands, and then on the stability of this situation for a period of sixty seconds, and then take a break for twenty seconds, then these steps three times repeat.

Natural recipes

  • Cummins: boil a cup and a half of water, then poured over half a tablespoon of cumin, then a grain of cutting a lemon in half, and added to the mix, and leave them soaked for a whole night, and then drink it in the morning before breakfast, half an hour, and is recommended to repeat this recipe every day for a period of a week to get satisfactory results.
  • Garlic: peeling thirty lobes of garlic, and add them to six cups of water, and cutting four beads of lemon, and add them to the mix, and then boiled, and leave it to cool, then add a small amount of parsley to it, then mix filter, eat a quarter of a cup of it three times every day before eating, preferably repeat this recipe regularly to get clear results.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Add a large half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of lukewarm water, and then eat the food before, and after, preferably regularity in this recipe for a period of time to get results guaranteed.
  • Anise: Add a teaspoon of anise to a cup of boiling water, and leave it to cool down, and then taken on an empty stomach, and repeat this recipe more than once to get clear results.
  • Mint: Add a tablespoon of mint to a cup of boiling water, and leave it to cool down, and then eat once a day, preferably repeat this recipe regularly.

Weight Loss Tips

  • Avoid eating by watching television; Because a person consumes large amounts of food without noticing it.
  • Commitment to exercise aerobic exercise regularly, ie three times each week, and an average of half an hour at least a day.
  • Stay away from drinking alcohol.
  • Taking a premium enough sleep every day, and at least eight hours.


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