How to increase your speed in football

How to increase your speed in football


  • 1 the importance of speed in football
  • 2 increase the speed in football 2.1 increase the maximum speed 2.2 increase acceleration 2.3 Exercises vehicle 2.4 Develop the ability to change direction 2.5 exercise speed after the fall 2.6 speed increase side
  • 2.1 increase the maximum speed
  • 2.2 increase acceleration
  • 2.3 Exercises vehicle
  • 2.4 Develop the ability to change direction
  • 2.5 exercise speed after the fall
  • 2.6 speed increase side
  • 3 Factors affecting the speed of the player in football
  • 4 muscles responsible for running
  • 5 References

The importance of speed in football

Speed ​​is one of the most important things that must be owned by any player practicing any kind of different sports that depend on the movement, and possession of speed greater importance in the sport of football; Where the player must run across the pitch for most of the game in this game, [1] The speed has become even more important in modern football, and illustrated clearly through the evolution of the players speed professional in this game, although running straight is which usually happens in football; However, there are other types of streaming that needs to speed short Kalt that occurs frequently during the games, [2] It is not enough to own the player speed only; Where you should be able to withstand a period of practice throughout the game. [1]

Speed ​​is an important factor for all players centers; Where the attackers need to speed to be able to overcome the defenders of the opposing team, and on the other side defenders the team needs to have speed to catch up with my players attack and prevent them from going beyond traffic through them, and speed is in football is limited to the player speed by running, jogging alone; But the player must be quick to run during most of the ball, too, and this is what distinguishes the largest teams and clubs in the world; It is characterized by the players of these teams in their ability to run and run fast during the possession. [1]

Increase the speed in football

There are many things that can be followed to increase the speed of the player in football, including the following: [3]

Increase the maximum speed

The football player must be well-rehearsed in order to increase the maximum speed that can access them; So as to achieve high speeds over short distances, it can be achieved by running at full speed of the player for a distance of not less than twenty to thirty meters while keeping the arms close to his body and careful Thrikema lightly and smoothly, as should the exercise of this exercise, careful to make steps the player equal dimension almost one, then run in the form of scrambling when you return to the starting point.

Increased acceleration

The ability of the player to change and increase the acceleration of the important things in football; This is where it can command from changing its speed more efficiently, and can exercise an exercise increased acceleration of the player by starting and running first jogged lightly for a distance of six meters and a half and then start increasing the speed of sprinting and then ease your running speed and deceleration go.

Exercise vehicle

These exercises allow the player to use his speed more efficiently on the pitch; Where the player must be in keeping with light included periods of running and other exercises such as climbing stairs exercises that increase the agility of the player and improve his balance, and can be an exercise through the stairs run up the stairs with the switching of the feet through successive degrees during the climb.

Develop the ability to change direction

This exercise helps to give the player the skill of simulated movements occurring on the pitch; Where the player may be forced to make a decision to change its direction and orientation towards one of the players of the opposing team to draw the ball, and can practice this exercise by placing five cones on the ground and line straight so that each cone is away from the other about five meters away, and then kicks off the player starting from the cone The first direction of the third cone, and then return back to run towards the second cone, then ran back to the direction of the fourth cone, and then return back up to the cone number three, and then finally heading to the fifth cone and so on. [4]

Train speed after the fall

This exercise player training on the rapid transition from the fall and go directly and quickly to resume the duties of football on the pitch, and can complete this exercise through two put cones are within about each other eighteen distance meters, and the player lying on his stomach next to the first cone taking mode pressure exercises (English: Push Up) and then gives a person other player to do signal quickly from the position; Where it should be when you hear the signal advancement quickly and go to the second cone while keeping the body as low as possible, and then return to the location of the first cone. [4]

Increase the speed side

This exercise focuses on increasing the speed of the player during his movement sideways across the pitch, and can exercise this exercise through four put cones in a straight line so that after each of the other three meters, then the cone placed on the left of the midpoint between each Mkhroutin and after three almost meters; Where the line that will run the line winding player from five angles, then the player starts by running diagonally from the cone to another cone and touches all when you access it then moves to the next. [5]

Factors affecting the speed of the player in football

There are some factors that affect the speed of the player in football, and shows the following highlights of these factors: [6]

  • Charisma: the speed of the player are affected by the general strength of the muscles of his body; In the case of the player strength of the muscle was weak, this will impact negatively on the speed in football.
  • Running style: affect the way you run the football player on his speed on the pitch; Where you must make the player while jogging his toes come into contact with the pitch, as well as to put his arms on both sides of his body, as well as on his Bhani upper part of his body forward to a few percent.
  • Diet: Diet plays the player followed by a prominent role in influencing the speed.
  • Flexibility: can give the flexible body's preference in terms of his speed on the pitch.

Muscles responsible for running

Most of the muscles of the lower part of the human body is considered the most important and more muscles used in the exercise of a person jogging and running; Where the use of what is known as Baladilp brigades (in English: Glutes), and the muscles of the calves (ducks feet), in addition to the hamstrings and quadriceps quartet that exist in the area of ​​introduction to the legs, and can a person this exercise muscles and maintain its strength through many different things; Practice walking and exercise of squat exercises, as well as climbing stairs exercises, and other exercises that have a role in strengthening these muscles primarily, it must be noted that the issue of the health system followed by the role of the person is important in strengthening the body in general muscles; Where the diet must include elements containing proteins and carbohydrates. [7]


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