How to improve your mental

How to improve your mental


  • 1 psychological state
  • 2 How to improve the psychological state 2.1 smile 2.2 act positively 2.3 stay away from comparison 2.4 to raise the level of self-confidence 2.5 expression of feelings of self 2.6 maintaining healthy habits 2.7 sleep 2.8 meditation and relaxation 2.9 Giving charity to people 2.10 expression of gratitude and thanks
  • 2.1 smile
  • 2.2 act positively
  • 2.3 stay away from comparison
  • 2.4 to raise the level of self-confidence
  • 2.5 expression of feelings of self
  • 2.6 maintaining healthy habits
  • 2.7 sleep
  • 2.8 meditation and relaxation
  • 2.9 Giving charity to people
  • 2.10 expression of gratitude and thanks
  • 3 review the relevant psychological
  • 4 References

Mental state

Psychological stress emerged with the increasing and rising development of civilization, and the complexity of life styles and the multiplicity of problems increasingly hired the burden of psychological burden on individuals according to the requirements of life and circumstances, as accumulated ambitions that every individual seeks to achieve, varied and led to increased competition rate and the challenge between members of the same society, bringing the individual is required to achieve the same and Atabha many of the goals and ambitions that may go beyond self-abilities and correspond with them, which may lead to the failure of the individual and his frustration. Psychological stress may abound and beyond the psychological state of manifestations will take you to the different organic Alaaaaouat; Therefore, the need arises to find ways and methods and strategies that help the individual to mitigate the effects of these pressures, and direct access to the psychological state of normal and healthy and to achieve the principle of mental health. [1]

How to improve the psychological state

Psychology seeks mental health in general, to the arrival of the individual stage of happiness and psychological comfort, and to bring happiness to his life and make them more valuable and meaningful, and raise the level of social relations with others and improve them, and in most ways and suggestions that may work to help the individual to improve the psychological condition comes: [ 2] [3]

the smile

Help smile to send positive signals to the brain, which stimulates and turn improves the situation of the individual psychological, and the smile did contagious reflects the feelings of happiness true towards others, plus they generate laughter erases negative emotions, and is one of the best methods used in psychological improvement. [3 ]

Act positively

The individual can act in a positive way; By confronting negative thoughts affecting it and formulate questions about the validity and truth of these ideas, and the duty of the individual to assess the situation faced; By assessing the extent of his need to think about it. [2]

Stay away from comparison

You must keep away the individual who wants to enjoy the best psychological condition comparing himself with others; Since this comparison reduces the level of appreciation for itself and its capabilities by connecting the individual achievements of the achievements of others around him, when compared to the same with those below the level generates this false sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, while compared to the same with the unsurpassed in its level led to a sense of frustration and failure, loss the ability to succeed continuously. [2]

Raise the level of self-confidence

Individual must possess a sound and look together towards the same, it is also necessary to support and stimulate this view; So they do not vibrate when exposed to different problems, whether they face failure or inability to perform one of the duties and tasks. And have to raise the level of self-confidence through a positive way of thinking and supportive away from self-blame and Tonebha, in addition to stimulating self-love and self-achievement level sensor individual, attention being developed and would not be underestimated. [2]

Feelings of self-expression

Should the individual who seeks to improve mental health has to recognize his feelings and improves their expression, and is intended to express emotions is normal and healthy expression that begins when the individual is familiar with a full understanding of his emotions and feelings, and his ability to control his reactions to the physical and psychological towards different attitudes and feelings, must also have the ability to talk about these feelings, and not to suppress and reveal them to the right people who provide the support required, and not ashamed to cry and express their grief in different situations, freeing emotions and show them the right way is very important to raise the level of health psychological individuals. [2 ]

Maintain good health habits

It is to maintain healthy habits through exercise and attendance by; Which helps to increase self-confidence, relieve stress and get rid of the various pressures possible exposure, in addition to the importance of commitment to the implementation of a healthy and balanced diet, avoid eating and unhealthy drinks, as well as avoiding smoking and alcohol; Where eating these items leads to the increased level of tension and obesity by caffeine and sugars found in abundance in, and it is worth pointing to the importance of the selection of food that is struggling constant feeling of tension, such as vegetables, fruits, drinking water and many adequate quantities. [2]


Getting enough sleep and required help to alleviate the psychological pressure, and enhances the general comfort affecting the psychological state of nervousness, and have to get to sleep in a healthy and comfortable; By creating a proper sleeping place to meet the necessary amenities, such as the place to be dark and comfortable, away from electronic devices. [2]

Meditation and relaxation

Help meditation exercises and relaxation to get rid of the psychological pressures faced by the individual, and the resulting attitudes and life conditions in which they live, it is useful to add meditation practice to schedule daily activities, such as self-exercises to get rid of stress, increase self-control, and raise the possibility of emotional control . [2]

Giving charity to people

Giving charity to people is one of the best means and ways supportive and therapeutic psychological state, it also helps to spread the feelings of happiness, warmth and good; By smiling at people's faces, offering alms to the needy, and other means to make the individual is characterized by tender. [3]

Express gratitude and thanks

Shows the expression of gratitude and thanks through a sense of beauty and the positive aspects of life situations experienced by the individual; Ie it must highlight and focus of feeling on the bright side of the different stimuli; If the individual's sympathy with other people over, and remember the happy moments, and promotes feelings of love and gratitude in any event no matter how simple, Vesicar the beauty of the weather or the beauty of a particular view, and lead to a continuation of the positive impulses of psychological condition affecting the individual's sense. [2]

Review psychological specialist

There are some cases where human needs specialist help myself to help him improve his mood, this may be a competent therapist or a psychiatrist; That some psychiatric conditions may require taking drug treatments to be a doctor alone is able to identify, and in other cases, the use of behavioral methods of treatment that is unique to psychology and Therapists psychotherapists may be necessary, and therefore there must be a review of the competent authority if necessary so. Human may feel often symptoms of physical concrete originating mental state, Fmarb anxiety or depression or other mental disorders may feel the symptoms mimic exactly the symptoms of other physical diseases, so it is likely that the person who suffers from a certain psychological state is confused is located , it can determine the appropriate person or the appropriate body that can ask for help them, and because of the integration of the work of specialists in this field, the most appropriate solutions to be applied the person who suffers from symptoms of illness help from his doctor, doctor alone who can assess the situation, and the treatment of the patient or convert psychological therapist, psychiatrist or specialist. [4] [5]


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