How to get rid of the rumen quickly for women

How to get rid of the rumen quickly for women


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Rumen women

Obesity, abdominal, or central obesity (in English: Central obesity) is the accumulation of fat dramatically in the abdominal area, as a result of increased visceral fat (in English: Visceral fat) in particular, [1] associated with increased abdominal fat with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and others health problems, [2] obesity is abdominis is very common in the elderly, as the body fat is often redistributed in the abdomen during the area of ​​progress in age, but women before menopause, they possess half the amount of almost abdominal fat than men, and because of this variation of the shape of the body to a large extent, while the women have a higher percentage of fat than men, but these fats are often distributed in the hips, thighs, and a woman's body is generally similar to the shape of a pear, while the man has a shape similar to the shape of an apple, carrying weight often excess in the abdominal area. [1]

How to get rid of the rumen quickly for women

There is no magic diet to get rid of belly fat, but when excess weight loss as a result of following any diet, the belly fat usually will be reduced first, [3] as there is no quick fix to get rid of the rumen, but it needs to follow a series of steps to succeed in reducing the perimeter waist, and the loss of fat accumulated in the abdominal area, [4] the clarification comes health and proper steps to get rid of the rumen women:

  • Eating healthy foods: It is recommended to follow a healthy and balanced diet, and focus on the sources of food plant, such as: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, in addition to the selection of sources of protein fat-free, dairy products, low-fat, as advised by limiting fat sources of saturated found in meat , dairy products, high-fat, such as cheese, butter, and replace it with moderate amounts of monounsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fats found in fish, nuts, and some types of healthy vegetable oils. [5]
  • Eat a good amount of soluble fiber in water: soluble fiber is defined as fibers that absorb water and form a gel that helps to slow down the passage of food through the digestive system, so this type of fiber promotes weight loss, by increasing the feeling of fullness, reducing the amount of food consumed, it can also reduce the body's absorption of calories in the food, and helps to reduce abdominal fat, [6] a study published in Obesity Journal in 2013 indicated that the increased intake of 10 grams of soluble fiber reduced the gain abdominal fat by 3.7% over the 5 years. [7]
  • Reduce the size of the quota intake: It is recommended to pay attention to the size of the quota intake, as the increase in the volume of food rations increases the calories consumed, even with eating healthy options, and can reduce the size of the quota intake at home, and share the meal with someone else in the restaurant, or eat half of the meal, and taking the remaining amount to the house. [5]
  • Stay away from sugar consumption of refined: you should avoid foods and beverages sweetened with sugar, as the sugar added to food choice is unhealthy, it has a detrimental effect to the health of metabolic processes, it is worth mentioning that the sugar consists half of glucose, the other half of fructose, and the body can also any amount of fructose by the liver, and in the case of eating large amounts of refined sugar, the liver will have to convert large amounts of fructose to fat, and as a result of excess consumption of fructose will increase the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. [8]
  • Increase physical activity: can help exercise to reduce waist circumference, and even in the absence of weight loss, the sport leads to a loss of visceral fat, increased muscle mass, and can be visceral fat excess associated with when people down physical activity, [9] has indicated a study published in the journal J AMA in 2003 that the practice of regular exercise, such as brisk walking led to low weight, fat women after the menopause, women with overweight or obese. [10]
  • Stay away from stress: can help participate in fun activities that relieve tension and stress, such as yoga, meditation, reduce abdominal fat, it stimulates the stress gain abdominal fat by stimulating the adrenal glands on the hormone cortisol production (in English: Cortisol) known as hormone stress, [6] the review showed published in the journal Endocrinology in 2004, that the high levels of cortisol increases appetite levels, and the rate of fat storage in the abdomen, [11] also pointed out another study published in Obesity research journal that large waist circumference women's bodies may tend to produce a greater amount of cortisol in response to stress, which can cause increased fat accumulation in the abdomen. [6] [12]
  • Taking premium enough sleep: vary the proper number of hours of sleep to work the body, performing tasks properly, and not feel sleepy during the day, it showed the National Institutes of Health (English: National Institutes of Health) that need most adults ranges between seven to eight hours of good sleep, and continued without interruption, which provides the body with the benefits of sleep health, including cell growth and restoration. [13]
  • Drink enough water: it can help to drink water to lose weight, by raising the metabolic rate temporarily, as it can increase drinking water up to 100 calories burned the body during the day, and drink water before meals can stimulate the feeling satiety, and the amount of consumption of less calories, may help relieve constipation, and reduce flatulence. [14]

Method of measuring rumen women

There are several ways to measure obesity, abdominal, and are the two most common understanding: measuring waist circumference, and the size of the waist to hip known as the size of the waist relative to hip (in English: waist-to-hip ratio), has identified the health figures that determine obesity abdominis organizations, and it is worth mentioned that these figures differ between men and women, [15] can be measured waist circumference by winding tape measure around the widest part of the abdomen, which is the level of the navel almost, and should bar placed measurement without pressure on the body to give the correct number, and must take the measurement when you exhale, and then compared to measure the waist measurement dedicated to women circumference, as you know obesity abdominis women when the waist is greater than 88.9 cm circumference. [16]

The ratio of waist circumference to the hip can be calculated by measuring waist circumference, which has been explained previously, in addition to the perimeter of measuring the hips at the widest area, then the ratio calculation, it should be noted that the risks associated with obesity abdominis begins when waist circumference relative to the hip is higher than 0.85 in women and it can calculate this ratio by using the following equation: [16]

Waist to hip ratio = waist circumference ÷ hip circumference.

Video ways to remove the rumen in two days

To learn more information about ways to remove the rumen in two days saw the video. [17]


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  • ↑ Video for ways to remove the rumen in two days.


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