How to get rid of shortcuts virus

How to get rid of shortcuts virus


  • 1 virus shortcuts
  • 2 way to get rid of it 2.1 Activating the firewall 2.2 Use an anti-virus program 2.3 reformat disks
  • 2.1 Activating the firewall
  • 2.2 Use an anti-virus program
  • 2.3 reformat disks

Virus shortcuts

How to get rid of it

A very large proportion of the types of shortcuts viruses that infect specific computers can be disposed of easily, in case the user follow the following precautions:

Firewall activation

Eliminates some computer users activate the firewall, in order to download some of the programs that are unreliable source, but is overlooked reactivated again, contributing to the ease of access to any type of virus, and when the firewall activated, you will easily address the virus shortcuts, and helps get rid of it, and prevent it from damaging the device.

Use an anti-virus program

Of useful ways that help to get rid of the shortcuts virus using an anti-virus program, which is looking for places spread, and the presence of the virus, it eliminates final, and can search for shortcuts virus manually, and get rid of it by using an anti-virus program through the following steps:

  • Identify the infected disk virus.
  • Clicking on the infected disk once by using the right mouse button.
  • Choose the option of checking or search (Scan), which is linked to the name of an anti-virus program.
  • After completing the examination entirely, the result will confirm that it has been completely eliminated from the virus.

Reformat disks

There are some types of viruses, shortcuts, which are detected by the user late time, as a result of ignoring the two steps the previous two, and use it for many of the storage disks that contain the virus, or download the application from a non-trusted source, leading to the spread of the virus dramatically in the computer, to cause damage to the data and applications that hit, and remains the only solution that follows in this case is: re-create the infected disks, or what is also known as: (Format), and help this step to erase all the data containing the virus, and restart the machine to work efficiency, and the ability to use infected disks again.


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