How to get rid of lose belly fat

How to get rid of lose belly fat


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 steps to get rid of lose belly fat 2.1 breakfast 2.2 Try to reduce stress and stress nervous 2.3 Guidance needed to combat pressure and stress today 2.4 exercise to get rid of lose belly fat 2.5 Be sure to eat whole grains 2.6 Drink plenty of water to clean the body 2.7 try eating fat useful not harmful fat
  • 2.1 breakfast
  • 2.2 Try to reduce stress and stress nervous
  • 2.3 Guidance needed to combat pressure and stress today
  • 2.4 exercise to get rid of lose belly fat
  • 2.5 Be sure to eat whole grains
  • 2.6 Drink plenty of water to clean the body
  • 2.7 try eating fat useful not harmful fat

an introduction

The disposal of grease abdomen is considered useful for human health and not only from the personal aesthetic; Because this person avoids a lot of health diseases; Because there is a strong relationship between abdominal fat and heart disease, blood vessels, diseases of diabetes, and cancer.

Doctors intestinal and digestive system say that the inner layer of deep abdominal fat -alta we can not catch Bha- is the cause of a lot of Notifiable health risks, because these fatty layer basically the production of hormones and other substances that can affect your health, for example, can cause this internal fat breast cancer.

These internal fat located within the abdominal cavity, can weaken the work of the liver, or cause disease (fatty liver), as well as the insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes type 2.

After this introduction, the next question comes to us, how do I get rid of lose belly fat ?, I will now mention the most important health steps followed to get rid of lose belly fat.

Steps to get rid of lose belly fat

Eating breakfast

  • I know that it may seem strange, that you advise someone who wants to lose weight, to have breakfast, but modern scientific Studies confirm the fact that eating breakfast, especially if it was an hour after you wake up from sleep, works to maintain the ratio of insulin in the blood, also leads to reduce the proportion of bad cholesterol in the body, and then helps you lose belly fat loss, so is the breakfast task.
  • Be sure to eat breakfast at a specific time each day. If you prefer to sleep on the weekends, we handled breakfast food as soon as you wake up from sleep.
  • Also make sure the presence of the protein component, and foods that contain fiber (eggs, peanuts, fresh fruits and vegetables) at breakfast because these foods need more time in the digestion of sugars and carbohydrates, because that will give us a sense of fullness morning.
  • You should avoid foods rich in sugars, pies, pastries and French toast at breakfast, and if you want to eat some sugary foods should be a balance between the protein and fibrous foods.

Try to reduce stress and stress nervous

Where a lot of research and studies suggest that the secretion of Alchortizul- a substance secreted by the human body when Mtotr- has to do with increasing the percentage of fat and the fat in the abdomen, that tension plays a role in increasing the lose belly fat.

The necessary guidelines to combat pressure and stress today

  • You must be careful to take some sleep enough; Because most adults, if not Bahm- they need to 7 hours of sleep every night, to practice the various activities of life well.
  • Be sure to provide a time to relax it, even though it was 15 minutes during the lunch period. All you have to do to close both your eyes and breathe deeply and calmly, and forget everything you care about.
  • Pressure must keep your business outside of your bedroom, and do not come with any of your worries rooms sleep.

Exercise to get rid of lose belly fat

Always walk more than 5000 step, where there are a lot of studies that have confirmed that people who have reduced from their curricula from 5000 to 1500 step, without following a particular diet, have increased they lose belly fat at a rate of up to 7% in a period of up to two weeks. It is better that you walk rather than take the car, as well as the long-used stairs instead of the use of the elevators, and if the nature of your work desk then walk from time to time.

Be sure to eat whole grains

You should eat whole grains, such as: brown flour instead of eating white flour, brown Vadakkiq healthy, as well as contain fiber, which make you feel full. There are a lot of studies that have shown that people who are eating whole grains, with their eating fruits and A notification, and drinking dairy-free fat, red meat, lean, white meat of chicken and fish, have lost a lot of lose belly fat compared to the other group of people do not adhere to so. A diet rich in whole grains leads to a change in glucose and insulin response in the human body, and accelerates the melt grease the interior, this is an easier way to burn the internal fat. Beware of white grains, replace white bread wheat bread, white rice, brown rice, and so on.

Drink plenty of water to clean the body

Where doctors confirm that drinking water continuously and frequently throughout the day it helps to be active metabolism, regardless of whether you practice a particular diet or not.

As well as water helps in the output of body toxins and works to clean it, and lead to improvement in health in general. Drink per day 8 large glasses of water, at regular intervals, can carry a bottle of water, where you drink whenever I felt thirsty, and when you have drank water enough, you will notice a change in urine, where it becomes transparent, but if it is tilted to yellow, it means you need to drink more water, and be sure to reduce drinking sugary drinks, water and energy drinks.

Try eating fat useful not harmful fat

  • Harmful fat: It is saturated fat that affect the safety and health of the heart, because it is to raise cholesterol bad in the blood, leading to hardening of the arteries of the heart with Aelloukt.omthel these fat traffic found in animal-sodium food sources, and meat, obesity, and milk full-fat, and some vegetable oils such as coconut oil, as well as fat trans hydrogenated, which resides mostly in plant obesity, and processed materials such as biscuits, cakes, and toast salty, these fats are the most Dharara on human health because they do raise the rate of cholesterol bad blood , reduce the contrast ratio of good cholesterol, which is good for the safety and health of the heart and arteries.
  • Useful fats: They are unsaturated fats, and the source of vegetarian, and what distinguishes it works to reduce bad cholesterol, in contrast good cholesterol increase in the body, so they protect Kulb.ottoagd these fats in avocados, olive oil and sunflower oil, nuts of pistachios and pine.
  • Omega-3 fats: that found in salmon, tuna fish, sardines, as well as in some nuts, seeds Ketan.ohmatha: reduce the proportion of fat in the blood, increase the ratio of good cholesterol, the reduction of blood pressure, reduce blood clotting ratio.
  • Basic acids: which are very important for the growth of the body and mental growth of the child, and found in fish, nuts, and other vegetable oils, these are improving the mental powers of the young and the elderly fatty acids and modify the mood, and also improve skin.
  • The doctors advised people who suffer from the accumulation of abdominal fats to a diet consisting of unsaturated fats Kalovukado, nuts, soybeans, flaxseed, and avoid hydrogenated fats that lead to the accumulation of grease and growing fat in the abdomen.


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