How to get rid of insomnia and lack of sleep

How to get rid of insomnia and lack of sleep


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He says: (And among His signs sleep that ye take the night and day and Aptgaakm of bounty in that are Signs for those who hear), [1] God Almighty is familiar to the human body and its needs, Sleeping is one of the most important blessings and greatest of us, and knows sleep as a state of unconsciousness increase the the brain in response to internal stimuli rather than external and these reactionary and periodic status, which distinguishes sleep from loss of consciousness, and gradually starts losing response to visual and auditory stimuli and other even human turns from the case of waking up to a state of sleep which is known as the first stage of sleep. [2]

"Sleep is not," said Brian Acanutorjeims, brain aspects of luxury needs to (7-8) hours of sleep even lead normal functions, [3] To sleep great importance in helping to treat damaged cells and maintain the immune system and the rest of the burden of the day to charge the energy required for the work of the heart, veins and arteries. [4] As if not getting enough sleep leads to a feeling of tiredness and fatigue, which may affect the integrity of the individual, especially while driving and the use of sharp instruments as the risk of accidents is greater, and there are other consequences for lack of sleep, such as irritable and lack of motivation as well as it may lead to reduction of the respiratory system in response to the increase of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen in healthy people and the lack of response to these changes may lead to a deterioration in the respiratory tract of people work who have difficulty breathing during sleep, lung disease, chronic, and obesity. [5]

Human needs in the age of adolescence longer hours of sleep compared to what we have mentioned the number of hours required per adult, and the biological clock for teenagers working on awake staying up late and woken up in the late morning, unlike the older people who begin to feel sleepy early in the evening the hours of last them less than what it needs an adult person even performing their duties, but the elderly suffer from intermittent sleep problem and therefore may amount less sleep at night, but no less important, contrary to what some believe. [6]

Definition of insomnia

Proper sleep begins after eternity to bed twelve to twenty minutes and lasts for seven to eight hours - may be lengthened or shortened slightly - and must be sustained. [7] But when human needs longer to fall asleep, or continue to wake up at night in frequently or even when Astqz very early in the morning without reason with the suffering of the quality of sleep is poor and light, and the continuation of this problem despite the availability and create an appropriate atmosphere to sleep, which affects the work of man natural during his life the day you know the problem when it insomniac (in English: Insomnia) . [8]

For insomnia are two types:

  • The first type affects the human short period may disappear trickle-down without a medical following healthy sleep methods intervention, but if the problem has become a cause for concern and could not continue to work day must be a review of the doctor who will describe the appropriate drugs to solve the problem and reduce fatigue and fatigue during the day, but it must be emphasized to avoid drugs that act without prescription for the treatment of insomnia as may be caused by side effects. [9]
  • Chronic insomnia is the second type shall be treated if the treatment causes, and then continued the doctor as a behavioral treatment for the patient which is looking for causes and triggers for insomnia and limit them and help him practice activities help to sleep we will later mentioning. [9]

Symptoms of insomnia

Insomnia may cause the following symptoms:

  • Feeling sleepy and need to sleep during the day. [9]
  • Fatigue and exhaustion. [9]
  • Problems with memory and concentration. [9]
  • Increase in accidents and errors during the work. [10]
  • Malaise, depression and anxiety. [10]

Causes of insomnia

He knew insomnia in the past as a minor problem belonging to the disease, physical or psychological, or as a result of taking a particular drug but proven facts for over 20 years that insomnia is a separate disorder in itself may be suffered by the person the presence or absence of reasons to accompany the disease, and insomnia disorder continue even after successfully treat those causes, and may lead to Tokhralaj some diseases and increase worse, so the treatment of insomnia leads to help improve the treatment of diseases associated with him. [11]

The causes of health problems and lead to insomnia:

  • Certain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and increase Afrazahrmon thyroid, chronic pain, cancer and others. [10]
  • Some of the psychological and neurological diseases such as anxiety disorder or post-traumatic disorder may be waking up very early without cause of the signs of depression. [10]
  • Difficulty breathing (in English: sleep apnea) occur as a result of sleep apnea may occur frequently and this means that the brain and other body members do not get enough oxygen and can be inferred loud snoring high and soreness in the head when you wake up and other symptoms. [ 12] [13]
  • Medications such as antidepressants and drugs crisis chest and high blood pressure and some medicines sold without a prescription, such as prescription used to treat colds and obesity as medicines and lotions may contain a high percentage of caffeine, which leads to insomnia. [10]

Healthy practices to get rid of insomnia

Practices and behaviors that help to get rid of insomnia:

  • Stay away from excessive anxiety and thinking about the problems and concerns before sleep, and can be used to write a diary Mkhtttatk the next day to avoid anxiety. [14]
  • Choose a quiet place, a comfortable bed, suitable for sleeping lighting, and get away from the noise so that it can be used speakerphones to resolve this problem. [15]
  • Stay away from drinks that contain a high percentage of stimulants (such as coffee, tea and soft drinks) in the late time of the day, and if the person was a smoker by avoiding smoking evening as well. [9]
  • Is waking up at night and the inability to return to sleep from one of the symptoms of insomnia, but if he could not the individual back to sleep during the period (15-20 minutes) it to get up from the bed and go another room to do actively help him relax, such as listening to music or reading and then Go to bed only after feeling sleepy and tired. [6]
  • Follow a routine before bedtime, such as showers with warm water, listen to soothing music, writing and painting. [9]
  • Do not go to sleep and you feel hungry. [14]
  • Exercise but not before bedtime, but an interval ranging from three to four hours. [9]
  • Avoid using the phone and reading of electronic screens for a long time before sleeping. [9]

Treatment of insomnia

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the first method used to treat insomnia. It helps to get rid of negative thoughts and behaviors that lead to insomnia and there are many examples of it include: [10]

  • A way to relax and rely on massage muscles to help them relax as well as breathing exercises to reduce stress, and help this method to control the heart rate and breathing, improve mood and reduce muscle tension. [10]
  • Where Bamahvz control that in some cases the cause of insomnia is to return the brain to stay awake in the room or bed as a result of eliminating a lot of time there and practice activities in them shall be treatment not to go to bed only 20 minutes before sleep and not to stay in the room if you can not sleep after this period and the reduction of sleep during the day and set the alarm clock to wake up in the morning even on holidays. [14]
  • Light therapy is used in cases that suffer from feeling sleepy and sleep early and wake up very early and is done by exposure to the sun before sunset, if appropriate, or the use of light designed for such cases, but after consulting your doctor. [10]
  • Reverse or contradictory treatment by going to bed and try to stay awake rather than expect or wait for eternity to sleep and the idea of ​​this treatment is that it reduces stress and constant thinking about not being able to sleep. [10]
  • Program to reduce hours of sleep where he organizes hours of sleep, and begin to allow a person to sleep a few hours and then increased gradually until reaching the number of hours required. [16]

Drug treatment

The solution is the root of the problem of insomnia treatment that causes sleep and follow health methods, resorting to drugs sedative and hypnotic solution finally is a short duration using less effective dose; Because these substances and drugs do not address the main cause and have many side effects including psychological get used to it with the loss of effectiveness after a period of time. [11] [17] and medicines used in the treatment of insomnia antidepressants Alheistamson and benzodiazepines (in English: benzodiazepines), antidepressants, therapy using hormone melatonin, but these drugs act only prescription and under the supervision of the doctor himself. [11]


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