How to get rid of frequent urination

How to get rid of frequent urination


  • 1 diet modification
  • 2 control the amount of fluid
  • 3 other ways to get rid of frequent urination
  • 4 video about the causes of frequent urination
  • 5 References

Diet modification

Is advisable to avoid foods that are working on bladder irritation, and generate urine, and examples of these foods: tomato, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, and foods rich in spices, as the incidence of constipation leads to frequent urination through pressure on the bladder, [1] so it must be eating healthy foods that improve bladder function and prevent constipation, especially foods rich in fiber, and examples of these foods: wheat bread, beans, vegetables, fruits, and eating pumpkin seeds reduces symptoms of urination; Because they contain omega 3 fatty acids, and antioxidant properties, a Japanese study has shown that pumpkin seeds and soybeans work increases the quality of urinary tract significantly. [2]

Monitoring the amount of fluid

The individual is advised to drink enough fluids to prevent constipation and increase the concentration of the urine, but you should avoid drinking before sleep; Because it can lead to urinate at night, [1] and liquids that are recommended to drink: normal water, soy milk, which is less irritating than cow's milk or goat, apple juice or pear, barley water, free tea of ​​caffeine, such as fruit tea, and tea Koheca where extracts of this tea from the semi-tropical plant in southern China, is an anti-oxidant and found one study that Kouhki tea has a significant protective effect on bladder function and partial blockage, and is recommended to take two tablespoons of mixing a cup of apple, a cup of wheat bran, and three-quarters of a cup of peach juice; To organize bowel action every morning, [2] and drinks that prefer to avoid them because they are working to increase the symptoms of frequent urination alcohol, caffeine, citrus juices, corn syrup, honey, and vinegar. [3]

Other ways to get rid of frequent urination

  • Kegel exercises: The Kegel exercises control and control of the bladder function, and reduce excessive urination, so it is advisable to exercise exercises pelvic muscles three times a day for five minutes, helping these exercises to strengthen the surrounding bladder muscles and urethra. [1]
  • Losing weight: Works excess weight to the pressure on the bladder, causing stress incontinence ,, where urine leakage occurs when doing something increases the pressure on the bladder, such as laughing, or sneezing, exercise and preferably regularly such as strength exercises, One study found that women with obesity, and who have lost 10% of body weight has witnessed the improvement in bladder control by 50%. [2]
  • Acupuncture: Some research suggests that acupuncture is useful in reducing frequent urination, and improve the quality of life. [3]
  • Biofeedback: It is used in this treatment devices electrical sensor works on muscle control, as is sometimes used to treat bladder leakage. [3]

Video about the causes of frequent urination

To learn more information about the causes of frequent urination and watch this video. [4]


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  • ↑ Video about the causes of frequent urination.


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