How to get rid of fat thighs

How to get rid of fat thighs


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  • 1.1 System Monitoring food
  • 1.2 Exercises
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Ways to get rid of fat thighs

Is measured by women's beauty and attractiveness indicators through the possession of the strength of a coherent and graceful, it is common that the accumulation of fat varies from person to person dependent on genetics, and varying percentages of fat accumulation in the body by nature and biological him Females, for example, concentrated fat have in the abdomen and thighs, which is considered one of the most areas Astjapta to burn fat as possible and through a series of simple steps to get rid of them and eliminate them once and are as follows: [1]

Control diet

You must control diet where this is done by the following: [2]

  • It must start to determine the calories entering the rate of the body, and on the basis of which is reduced rate of these calories at a rate of 1000 calories and this body will resort to compensate for the lack of calories by burning fat thighs, and prefer to eat foods rich in fiber, vitamins and eating fruits, vegetables and white meat and legumes.
  • Eat more meals this sugar to remain present in the blood, thereby reducing food intake, Kalpde small meal after waking up, then eat small meals every two hours for three hours.
  • Low-calorie beverages away from soft drinks and milk, and a lot of water intake, particularly before eating to reduce the amount of food intake.


To get rid of fat thighs must practice the following exercises: [3]

  • A set of exercises aimed at burning fat thighs and buttocks, notably the practice of jogging exercises and jogging slow start jogged for a period of 5 minutes, then speed up slowly and for half an hour.
  • The practice of pulling back exercises by sitting on a chair and tight body toward moving forward with the legs toward each other and stay in this position for ten seconds before returning to the first mode with repetition.
  • Exercise ball sports exercises by lying on the back with your knees bent and put the ball between the thighs and the survival of the feet touching the ground, and then pressing for a second on the ball and then strongly reduce the pressure and so a number of times.
  • Dumbbell exercises, and this by holding Baldmpel with standing on the feet and appeared in the status of full integrity, then go down slowly in the body by bending the knees while maintaining the status of the back, and then stand up again and repeat doing workout.
  • Dispensing electric elevators and replace them with the rise of the stairs it this would dissolve fat thighs and leg and reduce the chances of premature death.
  • There are custom designed clothes in order to get rid of the accumulation of fat from the thighs area through which heat massage is doing, it is a component of neoprene and containing metal filaments working to stimulate blood circulation and analysis of fat cells in the thighs area.


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