How to get rid of computer viruses

How to get rid of computer viruses


  • 1 computer viruses
  • 2 computer virus cleaning 2.1 anti-virus software 2.2 Safety mode 2.3 manual removal 2.4 reinstall the software / operating system
  • 2.1 anti-virus software
  • 2.2 Safety mode
  • 2.3 manual removal
  • 2.4 reinstall the software / operating system
  • 3 computer viruses protect
  • 4 discovery of infected computer viruses
  • 5 References

Computer viruses

Months of computer viruses in 1999, the back of the virus when millions of people around the world received an email entitled (an important message), and when they opened it and found a special document Vdgtoa him, and hit their computers virus named Melissa, who stole 50 email address of each person and re-send the message to them . Known computer virus (in English: Computer viruses) that a malicious program is undesirable, it causes damage to the devices, and appears on several electronic or audio software formats as e, video, and others. The varying types of viruses in terms of harm, some just be an annoying program that is sending important messages constantly, and may be significant damage who shall delete the files, and erase the hard drive, and the injury device malfunctioned in its functions, and stealing private information. Viruses may cause a great loss, in 2000 caused a virus called (ILOVEYOU) loss of billions of dollars. [1]

Clean your computer from viruses

If your computer is exposed to attack a virus software or some of them can follow some of the ways to get rid of them, and clean the device from harm. As months come and most effective way to get rid of viruses.

Anti-virus software

Run security mode

The user needs to resort to put the safe operation (in English: Safe Mode) in the case of not being able to access the program Abjahazh antivirus, or if you still receive virus programs on the control program; Because this case Tzbbha files are manufactured by viruses in the Windows operating system, so that these files take the database to the operating system's role to give instructions and activate the virus programs. When the device put the safe operation of the device will use the basic elements of the operating system only, can then be run control programs without interference from viruses and thus get rid of them. [3]

Manual removal

If the antivirus software can not get rid of the malware uses the user manually remove the virus, and this is done the following steps: [3]

  • Online access to the site software company antivirus user's.
  • Enter the name of the virus, which revealed the company's control program to give its device.
  • Search for specific locations in your computer, and work to be deleted while retaining a copy of your operating system folder, if deleted non-viral files, the error may be difficult or impossible for the device.
  • After completion of the scan files, you must restart your computer, and then run anti-virus software to make sure that the programs have been disposed of.

Reinstall the software / operating system

It gives an indication of anti-virus software shows displays some of the programs in the device of the virus, and caused damage inflicted on them, so it is preferable to remove these programs from the operating system and re-install them again; This is because it is possible that the virus may cause erasing some important files to run the program and even after getting rid of the virus would have been damage can not be repaired. If the virus has caused great damage to the device and not only on a program or two, the user opted to re-install your operating system to the device, and this step can cause erase all personal data on the device. [4]

Protect your computer from viruses

No matter how careful a person to use the computer device, the device is infected with viruses may be exposed and causing many problems, so it's best to take the necessary precautions to avoid device exposure to such programs. You can protect your computer from viruses by following the following: [5]

  • Install anti-virus software can download anti-virus software on the device to protect it from infection by, some of these free software can be downloaded from the Internet, for example, the Microsoft Corporation to provide anti-virus software free of charge. The preferred control program is constantly updated as new copy of it.
  • Periodic inspection of computer device: Preferably check the device once a week, using anti-virus programs, as they are run, whereupon the entire survey work programs and files in the device to make sure that they are free from any viral programs.
  • Updating the operating system: systems provide safety operating systems, and with each new version appears to be more sophisticated and effective security system, Vthadit operating system continuously helps strengthen protection devices.
  • Secure network device: device may connect to a printer or to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it must put the protection as an option strong password for your network to the Internet, or work to hide the name of the network to the public.
  • Stay away from the suspect: by avoiding access to websites unsafe, and do not click on links to files or sites or email messages anonymous, and if you get an error was downloading a program from a suspicious site should swab before you open it or run it.
  • Maintain personal information: the user does not own his information published on public sites and networks conversation.
  • Not to open public Internet networks: Because public Internet networks is secured and unsecured, prefer not to open and private networks, Wi-Fi in airports.
  • A copy of important files: the device may be exposed to infection by viruses, causing the loss of information and important files, a copy of the preferred files task to avoid loss.

The discovery of computer virus infection

Antivirus programs are usually hidden can not be easily discovered, but devices may give some symptoms that indicate exposure to viruses, and this means always the symptoms of a virus, it may be caused by instability in the system, but if one of these symptoms appeared prefers to protection recommendations viruses. One of these symptoms: [6]

  • Internet browsers stopped working or non-response to the orders, Google Chrome as your browser (in English: Google Chrome) browser Firefox (English: Mozilla Firefox), and others.
  • Not the browser's ability to open some websites, appear among (Internet Explorer could not display the page).
  • Change the default page for the Internet browser automatically, and the appearance of strange bars top of your browser.
  • The browser sends the user to sites that request access to, or the appearance of a pop-up pages in the Internet browser.
  • Computer is slow is unusual, or may notice the machine freezes and not responding to orders.
  • The appearance of icons is familiar on the desktop.
  • The system automatically restart the machine running.


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