How to get into coma

How to get into coma

During your observations daily, perhaps you saw the unconscious of a colleague at work, a family member, or maybe you got a situation, but how do you get Agheioppe, and what are the real causes that make human circle sleep enters closed, outside the outside world around him!

The fact of the unconscious several levels, you should be aware well, and starts the first where the brain is unable to transmitter and receiver, Vbatalla level of balance and weaken heard also, and sometimes take the status of the sleeper, where shut his eyes do not Aradaaa like completely asleep, and we can wake him up with several cues , such as stimulants with strong odors jet, which the nose to verbally abuse her brain sends signals to translate this smell, Vbatalla wakes up the brain well.

Dazed levels are increased, with the gravity of the situation and the degree of absorption of the patient's cues and the like, and these levels are the most serious long-term coma, as a result of the injury was strong within the brain, leading to his shell, Vbatalla drift towards the case of fainting.

Multiple reasons trances, multi-its, and the circumstances of their owners, in terms of their causes: -

  • Nutritional deficiency, Undernourishment leads to diabetes, the patient gets Vbatalla deficiency, followed by the rotation of fainting.
  • Blow to the head, when the head receives a blow, especially in the back of the head, it gets into a coma as a result of the disruption of brain work, Faisab coma sometimes be instantaneous in the form of minutes, and some have lengthened this case.
  • Stroke internal occurs, when a clot in one of the veins of the Interior, especially related to the brain, then the percentage will be the risk of large coma.
  • Diabetes, People with diabetes are more prone to coma, which comes as a result of the sudden decline, or rise Mufaij sugar have, leading to coma, sometimes be a zombie decline is to enter into a circle hallucination or lack of awareness are published in strange movements, differ with him exits pronunciation , so that it utters words in a strange way it is not understood.
  • Blood pressure patients, when high or low to be tapped, may result in a coma as a sudden strike to be remedied the situation.
  • Phobia intended, it is the psychological fear of something, like a phobia of seeing blood, where there are cases when seeing blood intervention in a coma as a result of extreme fear of blood, or when riding a boat, or a plane, or when they saw a scary animal.
  • Cases of epilepsy, patients with epilepsy are also more prone to coma.
  • Taking medicine Sam.
  • Emotionalism severe emotional trauma as a result, or the problem of family, then the hormone adrenaline rises, leading to the possibility of a state of coma.

The success rate of the patient out of the coma, depends on how difficult, as for example trances for fear of seeing the blood, where the patient comes out of trance quickly, faster than the case where the patient is unconscious exposed because of low sugar, or rise too, and if the longer a coma for more than two weeks, this gives the possibility of a serious risk, so we must pay attention to our own health and well away from dangerous places, which may cause harm Prasna and our situation psychological.

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