How to generate electricity

How to generate electricity


  • 1 How electricity is generated
  • 2 electric power generation ways 2.1 Thermal power plants 2.2 nuclear plants 2.3 Renewable Energy
  • 2.1 Thermal power plants
  • 2.2 nuclear plants
  • 2.3 Renewable Energy
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How electricity is generated

The electrical energy lifeblood in this day, so almost not without any application of everyday life applications of the existence of electricity, whether directly or indirectly, has won the honor of the discovery of electricity scientist Michael Faraday in 1831, as Note that when you move the magnet inside the component file of conductive wires causing the flow of electrical so file shipments, ie, it produces electric power, and the idea was relied upon by the generator now, so that converts mechanical energy connecting the mechanism of regardless of the energy source into electrical energy, as the generator of two main parts consists are part of the rotor and the two magnets, and the hard part of a file from the wiring that is the flow of electrical energy in it. [1]

Methods of electrical power generation

It is possible to power electricity generation in many ways, some of which depend on the electrical generator, which converts mechanical energy from one of the sources of energy to electrical energy, and others that converts other sources of energy directly into electrical energy, it is worth mentioning that the electric power is a form of energy but it is not a source of her, and the following are some electric power generation ways: - [2]

Thermal power plants

Thermal power plants rely on the burning of fossil fuels to be able to generate mechanical energy using the process of power generation electric, so that is connected to the power to the electric generator to produce electricity, and the use of those oil terminals, natural gas, and coal, and it affects the environment negatively and increases the proportion of pollution in the atmosphere Air. [2]

Nuclear plants

The advantage of nuclear energy for electricity generation process produces water vapor is forced to pass through turbines to generate mechanical energy transferred to the conventional electric generator which is the same method used in the thermal stations of fuel, but the type of user is different in the process of producing water vapor. [2]

sustainable energy

Is the use of renewable energy sources on the planet for the production of electric power, so that it is possible to use wind or water to generate mechanical energy is transferred to the generator, or the conversion of some sources of energy directly into electrical energy, such as solar energy and thermal energy. [3]


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