How to Find Friends in Skype

How to Find Friends in Skype


  • 1 Use the list of contacts
  • 2 Use the search box
  • 3 Add a contact in Skype application for business
  • 4 References

Use the list of contacts

You can search for friends on Skype (Skype) using a list of contacts (Contacts) by following Akhawat the following: [1]

  • Run Skype and log in to the account, then search for the menu bar at the top of the window, and clicking on the option of contact points (Contacts).
  • Clicking on the option to add a Connection (Add a Contact) from the drop-down list, so that the user will be able to search for a contact name in the Skype directory or add a phone number already know.
  • Write a contact name that the user wants to add, and will appear as you type a number of Skype users, where you must click on the name you want to add.
  • Clicking on the option to add to your contacts (Add to Contacts) from the pop-up box with hand details Skype contact, as another box will appear next to this option so that the user can send a private message, then click on the option of sending (Send).
  • The completion of the process to add the contact list of Skype friends, but with a question mark, so as to show that the contact did not confirm the addition process, and this requires waiting to be approved by the other party.

Use the search box

You can search for a user in Skype by using the Search box (Search Box) through the following steps: [2]

  • Sign in to Skype, and then clicking on the top search box.
  • Type the user name you want to add the entire, or e-mail address in the search field, you can also search using location information, language, sex, and age.
  • Clicking on the search in Skype (Search Skype), so Skype will search for contacts that match the search criteria entered.
  • Specify the user name from the list of search results, and then clicking on the Add to Contacts (Add to Contacts).
  • Clicking on the View option Profile (View Profile); To make sure that the profile belongs to the user profile that is being searched, as this will lead to display additional information about the user, including his image, city, country, and phone number.
  • Write a brief note of self to be sent to the user, and then click on the Send (Send), and after accepting the application will display a green mark next to the name in the contact list.

Add a contact in Skype application for business

You can search for someone to add in the Skype application business (Skype for Business) by following the following steps: [3]

  • Write the name of the person to be searched for in the search box.
  • Clicking on the name of the person you want to add, and click on the option to add to the list of contacts (Add to Contacts List).
  • Choose the group contacts the user to add them, or create a new group.
  • Wait until the addition is accepted request, Once you do this can chat and conversation with the contact point successfully added.


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