How to download Windows 7 on the computer

How to download Windows 7 on the computer


  • 1 Download Windows 7 using Windows compact disc
  • 2 Download Windows 7 through the product key
  • 3 Windows Update manually 7
  • 4 Requirements Download Windows 7
  • 5 References

Download Windows 7 using Windows compact disc

Requires download Windows 7 disc using Windows CD follow the following steps: [1]

  • Turn off the computer and then restart it, and then click on one of the following keys: Del, or Esc, or F2, or F10, or F9, to gain access to the BIOS (BIOS settings for the system).
  • Find BIOS configuration list BIOS options for the user, and in the event of not being able to find configuration options can search for the name of your BIOS online.
  • Select the CD-ROM (CD-drive ROM drive) as the first device configuration for your computer.
  • Click on the button shown on the screen, or click Save (option save) from the list of Pius to save the changes in the settings, and then turn off the computer.
  • Run your computer after you insert the Windows 7 disc into your CD-ROM drive CD / DVD drive, and then press any key in case the question about the configuration of the disk, where he will begin downloading Windows Setup.
  • Choose your preferred language (language), and keyboard type (keyboard type), and time format (time / currency format), and then pressing the Next button (Next).
  • Click on the download button now (Install Now).
  • Accept the terms, and the powers after use read (Accept the License Terms), and then pressing the Next button (Next).
  • The Custom installation (Custom installation).
  • Identify the hard disk drive, and the portion you want to install Windows on it, and by identifying the disk, and then clicking Advanced Engine Options (Drive options (advanced)).
  • Install Windows, and click on the Next button (Next).

Download Windows 7 through the product key

You can download the Windows 7 installation disc by creating a Windows 7 product and using the key to re-installation, where this method is legal, and with the installation steps comes: [2]

  • Find your Windows 7 product key, which is printed generally on a poster installed on your PC, or on existing documents with the computer, and can use the program to restrict keys such as: (Magical Jelly), or (Bean Keyfinder) to get the product from the registry key .
  • Download the ISO file for the version of Windows 7 from the Microsoft Software Microsoft (restore site Recovery).
  • Copy the Buendoz 7 ISO file to a DVD drive, flash or USB, and must make sure that your computer supports the configuration to the type of media used.
  • Computer configuration using the configuration tool, by following the instructions to set up your hard drive, and then install Windows.

Windows Update manually 7

Can be updated Windows 7 manually by following the following steps: [3]

  • Panel opens windows (windows control panel control), and then pressing the System button and Security (System and Security).
  • Pressure on the Windows Update (windows update), where the update window will pop up.
  • Pressure above check for updates (check for updates) located on the left side of the pop-up window, where Windows will connect to the Internet to see the updates and then displayed.
  • Click on the link to get to the updates to be installed, and then select the updates (updates).
  • Click Install Updates (Install Updates), where he will carry the Windows updates that have been identified and proven, it is possible to stop the update process by clicking on the Update button Stop (Stop Installation).
  • Restart your computer after you finished downloading updates, and install them if prompted to do so.
  • Repeat steps 1-3 after the restart to show log updates (New Update History) window, then click on the screen is closed.

Requirements Download Windows 7

Download Windows requires verification of the following matters: [4]

  • Internet connection, and it may be charged by Internet service providers.
  • There is enough space to store the data on your computer, or flash, or an external drive.
  • Reading System (Requirements System Requirements).
  • Enter the product key (product key) component of the existing 25 letter with the product purchased.
  • Determine the version to be downloaded, 32 bytes or 64 bytes, where available links will appear.


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