How to deal with obesity

How to deal with obesity


  • 1 dietary changes
  • 2 exercise
  • 3 medical drugs for the treatment of obesity
  • Video 4 for the treatment of morbid obesity
  • 5 References

Dietary changes

It can be overcome obesity through the creation of reducing the number of calories, and the practice of eating healthy habits, and is losing weight slowly and consistently over the long term the best way to lose healthy weight, keep it, it is worth mentioning that you should avoid following the system changes, food and strong non-realism; Such as harsh diet systems, and the most important dietary changes that can be followed to overcome obesity include: [1]

  • Mitigation of calories consumed: The most important point for weight loss, and this can consult with health care providers to calculate the number of calories consumed by a person per day in order to reduce, ranging from the appropriate amount of calories for women between 1,200-1,500 calories, and between 1.500 to 1.800 for men .
  • Eating healthy foods: You can make a diet healthy by eating healthy foods such as vegetable foods such as fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates full grain, making sure to eat foods rich in protein and fat-free, such as beans, lentils, soy, eat lean meat, and products fat-free dairy, as well as reducing salt and sugar added to foods.
  • Ease eating certain foods: You can get rid of obesity by loosening eating certain foods, such as foods high carbohydrate and fat, as you should avoid drinking sugar-sweetened beverages and full of calories.

Playing sports

Helps physical activity to burn calories, and adopt the amount of calories burned on the type of activity, and duration, and the weight of the person, in addition to the exercise as a treatment for obesity is more effective when combined system diet for weight loss, also helps sport in reducing the amount of fat larger in the body compared to decrease the muscle weight free of fat when relying on diet alone, and the things that are recommended when doing aerobic exercise include: [2]

  • Moderate exercise for 20-30 minutes five to seven days a week, preferably on a daily basis, and examples of these exercises: fixed bike riding, hiking, jogging on the running machine, stair climbing machines, and jogging, and swimming.
  • The possibility of splitting the exercises into a ten-minute sessions.
  • Start slowly and gradually in order to avoid injury, or severe pain, or fatigue.
  • Start practicing exercises moderate to strong for 30-60 minutes a day after a period of time.

Medical drugs for the treatment of obesity

The last medical solution drugs for the treatment of obesity is considered in the case of obesity is becoming a threat to public health, and the disposal of these drugs using medical only prescription, there are two types of approved medicines that can be used to treat obesity, namely: sibutramine (Sibutramine), and Alourlistadt (Orlistat), and must be taken consider that stop taking these medications will restore the problem of excess weight, so it should be used for an indefinite period. [3]

Video for the treatment of morbid obesity

To find out more important information about the treatment of morbid obesity View video: [4]


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