How to deal with Assad Tower

How to deal with Assad Tower


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Generates the lion tower owners between 23 July-22 August, is ranked fifth in the towers circle, symbolized by the lion symbol, and this tower belongs to the fire element, such as a bow and pregnancy; Which makes his companions Tepe heart and love life, as he continued to rule the planet sun; Which is what makes the owners of this tower are able to unite different group of people together and their leadership, and renowned for their love of theater and holidays, and consider that the numbers 1, 3, 10.19 bring them good luck, and on Sunday is their day favorite of the week, and they know their love strong colors such as yellow, orange, golden, believe they are a better match with Aries owners, Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius, but these things may be different from the character to another. [1]

General characteristics of the Lion Tower

There is a lot of diverse qualities that affect the character of Leo owners, often they can not know only after dealing with them and their knowledge of well, you must know that these qualities do not apply to all individuals and they are among themselves may differ, notably: [2]

  • Attention: care about those closest to them and Araonhm and trying to protect them.
  • Courage: courage and are characterized by their strength.
  • Independence: love to live their lives according to their own rules and laws that Adahunha, independent understanding by themselves.
  • Optimism: tend to see the positive side in the situations they face, and believe that the future will be better.
  • Sincerity: the advantage of strong loyalty to their friends and family and those close to them.
  • Frankness: direct and honest with all people and do not like compliments and lying.
  • Excellence: love excellence and always stay in the foreground, and often receive preferential treatment in social events and gatherings.
  • Bio: energetic and full of vitality.
  • Leadership: prefer to be in positions of power and leadership understand them innovate.
  • Cooperation: ready permanently to provide assistance and support to those close to them and persons in need.
  • Arrogance: their confidence may show themselves in the form of bigger and arrogance, and often think that they are the best in everything.
  • Stubbornness: cling to their ideas and do not have the flexibility to change it, it is not easy to change their ideas or beliefs.
  • Laziness: they may Atxlon sometimes prefer to follow the easiest ways to do tasks.
  • Authoritarianism: love to control others and expect them to respond to them, and may feel frustrated when they can not control who around them.
  • Jealousy are jealous if they exceed one another in anything, and become uncompetitive in exaggerated.

How to deal with a man Leo

A man Assad is clear and frank and sometimes be stubborn and may therefore difficult to understand in some situations, but once you understand his personality will be dealt with as easy and simple, and can follow some of the ways to deal with him, the most important: [3] [4]

  • Assess his feelings and a good heart to get close to him.
  • Interest in him and treated in a distinctive manner so that the center of attention; He likes to be a prominent and distinctive.
  • Give him control positions and all things; It does not like mistakes or things that take place in a normal fashion.
  • Provide respect for him permanently; He considers the right of him and does not like to be reduced respect from anyone.
  • Estimate the need to protect those close to him and their attention; He does this because he loves them.
  • Understanding of his desire to help the vulnerable and the rejection of injustice.
  • Being accepted the focus of attention, people are attracted to him in the gatherings; He enjoys social and charismatic.
  • Trust him to lead individuals anywhere; He is the commander of the creator and has an awesome ability to motivate people and organize things.
  • Support in achieving his dreams and aspirations and ideas; Once you decide to do it will be impossible to achieve.
  • Avoid attempts to change its decisions and beliefs; He is confident that he is right and do the right thing always.
  • Praise him and praised him to win the affection.
  • Devotion to him when entering into a relationship with him; It is strongly estimated sincerity and loyalty.
  • Close to him must be gay when you are with him until he does not get tired.
  • Understand that he was confident of himself dramatically and not artificial or arrogant.
  • Talk to him about luxurious things in life to attract his attention; He cares deeply elegant and luxurious and expensive things.
  • Help him to organize financial affairs; It is often wastefully without paying attention to the physical condition.
  • Confidence's warnings; It is very straightforward and shows clearly and transparently to his opinion.
  • Help him to do sports activities from time to time and a healthy diet even get rid of laziness and to maintain his health.

How to deal with a girl Leo

Girl lion characterized by large Bromanciha, it is easy to deal with them as soon as understand the nature of her character and her actions, and this is by following some of the following tips, including: [5]

  • Understand the enthusiasm and openness to build lasting new friendships with different people.
  • A sense of emotion and exchanged feelings of deep equally granted; They expect it from those close to them.
  • Understand the great popularity among individuals; They are bright and attractive.
  • People must be distinguished so that they can attract and draw their attention; They do not pay attention to ordinary people.
  • Show admiration for her and everything to do things, especially the unique and exotic; They like people to show their admiration for them.
  • Talk to them in a sincere and frank and avoid lying; It can detect the fake speech was angry because of it.
  • Treated with respect; To show the extent of appreciation and excellence because she likes it.
  • The closest ones to be taken with them to events and submit them to friends and acquaintances and to ensure that everyone knows who she is; They feel that they have their value.
  • Awarded valuable gifts which have great value such as jewelry and fine clothes.
  • Understand its commitment at the beginning of their relationship with others not to expose themselves completely and tell all their secrets; They prefer to wait until they make sure that people can be trusted, so to protect herself and her feelings.
  • Avoid cheating and losing their confidence so that the individual does not lose his life forever.
  • Take her in outdoor picnics; Like going to the zoo, or park, or the beach; They enjoy nature and fresh air.
  • Should those who wish to approach them to be strong and confident of himself and nimble; So that they can draw their attention.
  • Respect for their independence and avoid attempts to control them and force them to do certain actions.
  • Given enough space when they get angry so you can calm themselves.
  • Help them to get rid of internal concerns; In many cases, it concerns behind its power to hide the phenomenon.


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