How to deal with an abscess

How to deal with an abscess

Skin manifestations, which exposed a large number of people, which usually appear in the form of pockets of closed tissue and which are filled with pus or liquid. Is an abscess, or skin cysts, which arise in members of different tissues in the body like textiles soft tissue under the skin, lymph glands, the roots of the teeth, in addition to internal organs such as lung, liver, appendicitis and brain.

It Alhanbah symptoms or effects that may be felt by the injured Bakheraj: the pain quotient in the affected area Bakheraj in addition to the hottest developments by, itching in the affected areas Bakheraj, headache, redness of the skin assailed injury, either with regard to the underlying causes of injury skin Bakherajat are varied, including injury parasitic or bacterial, the presence of strange objects in the affected area, inflammation of the hair follicle Fulbright grants and runs from then layers of the skin that are more profound, which is called inflammation of microbial skin.

Method of treatment is divided between the description of the doctor in charge of drugs anti-bacterial infected, in case the abscess internally or superficially alike, are also treatment through the subordination of the patient for surgery through which the discharge is collected from the pus inside the abscess, and that based on his whereabouts , home remedies may help in treating some cases of skin cysts such as placing moist hot compresses on the affected area several times a day, which will help to give softness to the skin before the exit of pus before the outburst.

" 'Dental abscess"'

Of the reasons that lead to the emergence of dental abscess in the specific roots of the teeth: tooth decay, gum inflammation or hit by various diseases, as well as in the case of teeth exposed to shocks such as breakage, and feel the injured while that the pain is accompanied when chewing food, bitterness in the mouth, redness and swelling quotient in the gums, swelling glands in the neck, mouth odor Amartihh, and is processed in ways that multiple dental abscess performed by the doctor, and those used in dental abscess drainage roads and carried out by the doctor way "notch" in the gingival tissues distended.

Hence, it shall be noted to the importance of care of dental health, the fact that our negligence of health will lead to injury caries, which as mentioned earlier is one of the causes of injury abscessed teeth, because the decay will allow in turn be large Sunni hole in size, up to the nerve chamber, which in turn will lead to a feeling the injured severe acute pain, and then the appearance of the abscess.

" 'Lung abscess"'

Lung abscess known necrosis made in the pulmonary tissue, in addition to form cavities, as is the main underlying cause of the incidence of lung abscess is alcohol addiction person, in addition to other reasons.

" 'Abscess pyogenic liver"'

Often affects adult age class or middle-aged, and in most cases have to occur after a person's exposure to infection certain cases, such as the digestive tube injury Baltakihat, also attack symptoms affected a sudden way, you may feel here sweating, pain quotient in the abdomen in a certain area of ​​it, fatigue .


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