How to deal with Alzheimer's patient

How to deal with Alzheimer's patient


Of common diseases among the elderly, it is leading to dementia often, a disease of the brain and damaged tissues so that the patient becomes unable to perform his duties and natural image, and with the days lose the ability to remember and focus and learning, it becomes unable to form sentences correct, and note the large number of questions about things that might be explained to him in advance.

To date, not detected any medications help in the treatment of Alzheimer's, but everything is given to the patient is to relieve the symptoms and not the development of some of them, and how to deal with the patient that help to absorb and cope with his illness.

How to deal with Alzheimer's patient

  • Patient dialogue with all calm, low voice, and speech must be clear and slow to allow the patient to absorb.
  • The development of a daily routine of the patient, so that from the early morning to the evening daily routine the same, throughout the week so that things are not difficult to it.
  • Provide full aid to the patient; Because after a period it may become infected with some physical disabilities, and needs them to health care.
  • Patience, Fmarb Alzheimer develop his health condition worse day after day, so it must be impatient for his service and not to complain.
  • Try to use sign language to communicate with Alzheimer's patients, this easier it, and should focus on the patient's eye to feel that someone cares.
  • Treated gently, and not pouting in his face, because it is very sensitive, and should not talk about his illness and bad in front of him, thinking that he does not understand, because he may understand some words, and affect the psyche in a negative way.
  • Pacific to provide air to the patient, and away from the noise and inconvenience; Because it may cause him more confusion and annoyance.
  • Absorb all the behaviors that are issued from the patient, because in some cases, reactions may be exaggerated, so we must move quietly and not to make any sudden movements.
  • Sit down with the patient, and provide family atmosphere full of love and compassion, and bring an atmosphere of fun and joy, and try to enjoy the stories told by the patient, even if they were wrong or incorrect, and should not try to correct any information you may say it.
  • Help the patient to choose the right words, sometimes you may find it difficult to remember words and their uses.
  • Trying to help the patient to develop his skills, which still has and help him Alaatmadh himself.
  • Find business favorite for the patient, to help him spend leisure time, because the vacuum may cause the patient a lot of problems, particularly depression, should also be encouraged to exercise to help him revitalize his body.


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