How to cook porridge

How to cook porridge


  • 1 porridge dates walnuts 1.1 plug 1.2 Preparation
  • 1.1 plug
  • 1.2 Preparation
  • 2 carrots porridge 2.1 components 2.2 Preparation
  • 2.1 components
  • 2.2 Preparation
  • 3 Video Porridge sugar

Porridge dates, walnuts


  • Cup brown flour.
  • Hill spoon small fine.
  • ½ cup butter.
  • ½ cup corn oil.
  • Hill spoon big fine.
  • Tablespoon cinnamon.
  • A large spoon circuit ground.
  • Teaspoon black pepper.
  • Five hundred grams pass salvation.
  • Three cups of water.
  • ½ cup margarine.
  • Cup coconut true.
  • Small saffron spoon.
  • Tablespoons rose water.

How to prepare

  • Disarmament of the nuclei of dates, dates and put in a blender, with about two cups of water, to obtain a liquid paste.
  • Put saffron in rose water, and leave it aside.
  • Put flour and cardamom in a saucepan, and stirred on medium heat for a few minutes, even escalate the exact smell, Atahmass a little, and if the exact agglomerated, it is Nakhla until smooth.
  • Put butter and oil in a saucepan, and heated up to melt.
  • Add cardamom, cinnamon, and the ring, and pepper, and leave it for several seconds until imbibing fat.
  • Gradually add the flour to the butter with continued stirring quietly, with the addition of a little hot water gradually to obtain a mixture, such as heavy béchamel.
  • Adding a mixture of dates, and continue stirring until homogeneous components with each other, and continue to add water-by need-.
  • Leave the mixture to boil quietly, while continuing to put minutes flipping, a piece of homogeneous components.
  • Add rose water, and Zln, and stir to mix coheres such as heavy béchamel.
  • Distribution of porridge in the appropriate dishes, pour the ghee, and then decorate it with nuts.

Porridge carrots


  • Cup white flour.
  • Brown cups flour sifted.
  • Five cups of water by-need-.
  • Three beads medium islands.
  • A cup and a half by Skr- prefer,.
  • Tbsp Hill crushed.
  • ¼ cup butter or obesity.
  • Saffron soaked in rose water.
  • Coconut grated or any nuts for garnish.

How to prepare

  • Roasting flour on the fire until it becomes blond.
  • Sift the flour, and put it aside.
  • Boil carrots after cutting, and leave it until tender, and leave it to cool a little.
  • Put flour roasted in a bowl, and add water to it gradually until Etjans, and leave it aside.
  • Mashed carrots with a little water boiled carrots.
  • Put the rest of the boiling water in a saucepan with two cups of water, sugar, carrot puree, and stir the ingredients well.
  • Add flour, and stir the mixture until Etjans.
  • In addition obesity, or butter, mix and stir constantly over low heat.
  • Add cardamom, saffron soaked in rose water.
  • Distribution of porridge in the dishes, and decorated with nuts, and then submitted.

Video Porridge sugar

It is one of the most popular desserts made on different occasions, such as a week of the newborn, or in the celebrations of the Prophet's Birthday. Learn how prepared here:


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