How to cook minced meat

How to cook minced meat


  • 1 minced meat
  • 2 cook minced meat
  • 3 dishes with minced meat 3.1 dough with meat 3.2 Meatballs 3.3 kippah maize 3.4 minced meat pies 3.5 pizza with minced meat
  • 3.1 dough with meat
  • 3.2 Meatballs
  • 3.3 kippah maize
  • 3.4 minced meat pies
  • 3.5 pizza with minced meat
  • 4 Video modus operandi of minced meat roll

minced meat

When we buy the meat we can get it on the two bodies, the flesh of large pieces used to cook all types of cooking, or in order to cook on Kabsa rice, for example, can also be obtained meatier Va, a passage in a small and very soft, with a percentage of fat.

For each type of meat types of uses, some of the dishes need to minced meat while others need meat big cut, and you will learn about the most recipes where Tskhaddm chopped like paste meat meat, meatballs, and kippah maize, and pies minced meat, pizza with minced meat.

Cook ground beef

Often you can not use minced meat alone on cooking without any add-ons, how to cook this meat as follows:

Note: this position becomes minced meat ready to be used on cooking dishes.

Dishes with minced meat

Dough meat

They call the people of Syria a plate of meat, which is a paste Khamrh is formed in the form of small round discs, painted tomato sauce or yogurt and tahini sauce.

Keep a little minced meat mixture and onions on it, and then baked in the oven at medium heat, and this is the dish of the most famous dishes maize.


The spicing minced meat types of spices for minced meat and meatballs, salt and black pepper, then formed the shape of an oval tablets or unfolded directly to the Chinese, and then can be cooked on two forms, either fried in oil or grill in the oven, and cook with the problem, potatoes, vegetables, or with halva and rice.

Kippah Sham

The meat paste is to be the filling in a kippah maize, where the work of a paste kippah, and then form the tablets body, are filled with chopped onions, meat, and add to it a little nuts or pomegranate seeds and pine, are then sealed off and fry in hot oil on the degree of quiet temperature and there are those who prefer grilled.

Minced meat pies

The work of the dough Vrh, and then cut in the form of small circles, then form these circuits to get the desired shape of the pancakes, and be filling the minced meat marinated onions, or stuffed vegetables pies, and are sealed off and bake in the oven at medium heat until golden color .

Pizza with minced meat

Minced meat may be one of the basic ingredients for the dish pizza, where the work of pizza dough and returned that in Chinese, then put the components on which, including minced meat after Tchouha a little bit and put it on the face with some sliced ​​onion, cheese, grated, or cut with chicken and fry in the oven.

Video modus operandi of minced meat roll

To learn more information about the modus operandi of chopped meat roll watched video.


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